MT. ENTERPRISE – High school senior Kendre Miller and the Wildcat football team had the rug pulled right out from underneath them last week. 

While surprised and disappointed, Miller has work left to do.

The Ford Tough Player of the Week early in the 2019 season is amazingly grounded for the accolades he has and will receive. 

“It makes me feel good that out of all the players in Texas we got the award,” Miller said.

Who is ‘we’?

Miller shares and gives credit to his linemen for getting him up and down the field. 

“My linemen are Jemar Thompson, Deandre Ferguson, Josh Bishop, Derrick Jackson, and Zach Johnson,” Miller said. “I got a close bond with each and every one of them since the fifth grade.”

Miller said he has been enticed to play at some larger schools in the area. But he likes the small town atmosphere of Mt. Enterprise. 

With over 3,000 yards of combined offense (2,800 rushing and 450 passing), Miller has some attention from the likes of University of Texas, Texas Christian, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State and Wyoming. He said he would make a decision sometime in December. 

Miller’s professional football idol is Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

“I like the way he leads the team,” he said.  “The Packers are my favorite team.”

Miller spoke about protecting the quarterback.

“Our linemen do a good job on protection,” he said. “So I don’t hear an early whistle for quarterbacks.

While there is more protection on the pro level, he has not seen much in the way of early whistles. There is a little more caution.

Miller wants to major in physical therapy, but has thought about coaching.

“I’ve thought about it. I’m a pretty patient kind-of-guy,” he said. 

Miller also likes to play basketball, run track and high jump, 

He has played AAU basketball in the summer, but probably not this summer.

Miller likes to relax, by sitting in the bathtub and think.

“I think about life - my future,” he said. “What I can do to make it easier.”

He said the best advice a coach has given him was about the team.

“Keep your teammates up. If they get down the whole universe of the team goes down and it’s hard to get it back,” he said.

His advice to freshman is:

“Just keep calm. Don’t get nervous just because you’re a freshman. Work to get better,” he said.


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