The Henderson Lions had quite a game this past Friday night when they went up against the Athens Hornets. The game was a landslide for the Henderson Lions, with the winning score for the night being 29-0.

It was their first district game of the season, opening up against an opponent that they were unsure of at first. However, there was no need for concern since the Lions just obliterated the Hornets within the first half and continued to do so in the second half as well.

Head Coach and Athletic Director Phil Castles was very pleased with Friday night's game. He said, "It's always good to start the district off with a win. It was a good thing that no one was seriously hurt tonight, even though a few boys got a bit banged up. But overall, I'm very proud of them for tonight's outcome."

The game started that night with the Henderson Lions receiving the ball from the Athens Hornets after they won the coin toss. Number 5 Cordarius Grange handled the return, placing the Lions on their 5-yard line for the start of the game, first and 10. This started their fast approaching victory in the first half.

A quick pass by #2 Donovan Davis to #15 Tobaius Jackson, followed by a carry via #3 D'Cameron Walker lands the ball on the 35-yard line. Pushing down towards the endzone with barely any resistance, Davis followed by Jackson, Walker, #8 Dallas Alexander, and #99 Devin Fields all made gains out on the field that led to their first touchdown of the game with seconds left on the clock in the first quarter.

Davis and Alexander both had a total gain of 20 yards, while Walker had grabbed 5 yards. On a punt by the Hornets, Jackson returned and landed the ball on the 45 yard line. Davis passed to #14 Devin Phillips who carried the ball to the endzone for the Lions' first touchdown of the night, with a two-point conversion as well. 

In the beginning of the second quarter, Jackson managed to pull off a pass interception, with the ball starting at the 44 yard line in the Lions' possession. Walker made a 12 yard gain, leading into the 25 yard gain by Jackson. Alexander pulled off the second touchdown of the night with an 8 yard carry. Number 13 Erique Garza pulled off some nice tackles, managing to stop the Hornets from pursuing any Lions or the endzone. Garza was also able to achieve a fumble recovery. 

Fields was able to make a gain for the Lions, plowing through the weak defenses of the Hornets. Two Timeouts happened quickly after, one called from the Hornets and the other from the Lions. When play on the field resumed, both teams came to a stalemate. 

Number 26 Jacob Taylor was able to sack the Hornets quarterback towards the end of the second quarter, however that was the only exciting moment left in the first half. 

There were many turnovers, punts, flags on the play, and timeouts happened, but neither side moved enough down the field for any big plays. Thus the halftime buzzer sounded.

Starting in the third quarter, the ball was in the Hornet's possession, though that didn't last long as the Hornets punted soon into the quarter. The Lions wasted no time in taking advantage of the situation. Walker made multiple gains, alongside Davis who pulled off a 27 yard touchdown pass to Jackson.

Fields pulled off some nice tackles, while #9 Trust Carston made an interception, the Lions took possession of the ball on the 26 yard line. Walker then practically waltsed into the endzone for another touchdown after multiple gains and a 15 yard touchdown rush. 

By the end of the third quarter the Lions were already at 29-0, with the Hornets slwoly giving up. In the fourth quarter, although the Lions kept pushing, no more touchdowns were made. A lot of flags were thrown on the field in the fourth quarter, with both sides getting frustrated. However, the game ended peacefully. 

This is the Henderson's first win of the district season and hopefully the first of many for the football boys. 

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