The West Rusk Raiders take on the Quitman Bulldogs on their Senior Night. The featured player in the photo is SeniorJames Greenalch whose on his way to another touchdown for the Raiders.

 By the beginning of the third quarter in the West Rusk Raiders versus the Quitman Bulldogs game, it was already clear who the victor of the night was going to be, with a solid lead of 42-0 the Raiders were dominating the opposing team.

The game’s ending score of the night was 62-0, with the Raiders taking home the victory. The Quitman Bulldogs almost seemed to give up towards the end of the second quarter, their overall record for the season had been 0-9 (now 0-10), and the struggle for their team was clear as the audience spectated.

With the coin toss landing in favor of West Rusk, the Raiders led the kick-off with confidence. During the first five minutes of the first quarter, the Raider boys were able to push the Bulldogs back, all the way into their endzone, scoring the first touchdown of the night. This assertive move was quick to set the pace of the game from thereon.

Carson Martin, #11, made a hard dash down the field scoring another touchdown for the Raiders just minutes behind the previous. After the kickoff, Will Jackson, #22, managed a savage dash down the field, gaining major yardage for the Raiders right before a mad zigzag by Geremiah Smith, #2, who carried the ball all the way to the endzone for the Raiders.

With the lead of 20 to nothing, the Bulldogs seemed to deflate on the field, their previous confidence popped like a bubble. Leading into the second quarter, the Raiders’ James Greenalch, #3, at the snap made a mad scramble towards the end zone, where he managed to gain almost 40 yards before he was stopped by the Bulldogs. 

When the ball was once again thrust into his hands, Greenalch charged forth and leaped into the end zone, dragging behind him the Bulldog players who attempted to stop him. Playing with fire, the Raiders went for the two-point conversion that was successfully managed, putting the Raiders up 28-0. 

On the field there was Jeremiah Edwards, #4, pulling off quick offensive tackles in tight situations, stopping the Bulldogs’ advances when necessary. After a few scuffles without gaining much yardage, the Raiders took the initiative and Omarion Anthony, #15, ran the ball into the endzone, overtaking the opposing team’s line of defense.

Quickly following his lead, after the kickoff, Greenalch, once again in possession of the ball, swept through the field, landing another touchdown right before the buzz for halftime. After the half, the Raiders were able to score a touchdown right off of the kickoff. 

After a clean fumble recovery by Jeremiah Edwards, #4, and Greenalch clearing a few yards, the Raiders set up for a pass made by Andon Mata, #13, to Smith for a spot at the 4-yard line. Greenalch once again made the touchdown for the team, however, the Bulldogs #2 brought down the extra point. The score was 55-0 afterwards, and Noah Murphy, #8, brought in the last touchdown of the game for the Raiders right before the end of the third quarter.

The night was also Senior Night, where the senior students of the school were recognized for their hard work and dreams. This game concluded the advance of the Raiders to their first game in the playoffs coming this week.

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