The 2020 9 3A Division 2 All-District Team list was released this week after the West Rusk Raiders lost their game last Friday and are no longer participating in the playoffs. This list includes the selected players from West Rusk that made it past the district judges. 

The list of players from the division for the Superlatives section included 3 players from West Rusk. James Greenalch, #3 Running Back, was recognized as District MVP. Torami Dixon, #44 Defensive end, was recognized as the Defensive MVP of the year. Will Jackson, #22 Receiver, was recognized as the Offensive Newcomer of the Year. West Rusk also took the spotlight of being nominated and selected for Coaching Staff of the Year.

On the First Team Offense list of recognized players, #13 Andon Mata, Quarterback for West Rusk, was selected. Omarion Anthony, #15 Wide Receiver, was selected for the top 5 wide receivers placed in the first team. The Tight End for the First was also from West Rusk, Bryant Mason, #33. Two Raiders were chosen for the Offensive Line, #54 Oscar Gonzales and # 70 Osbaldo Avendando.

On the Defensive Line, #79 Keldon Johnson and Alvaro Cortez made an appearance, while #4 Jeremiah Edwards took one of the Outside Linebackers nominee selected spots. Jimmie Harper, #5, made it into the Inside Linebackers section, while Ty Harper, #17, took one of the Safety spots. Carson Martin, #11, from West Rusk made his presence known on the Corners list for the first team.

The First Team Specials include kickers and punters, and the Raider named Alexis Magallanes, #10, was dubbed one of the two on the first team. 

On the Second District Team, for the Wide Receivers, a Raider from West Rusk, #2 Geremiah Smith, was selected for a spot there. On the Offensive Line, Raider #60 Jorge Bustamante was selected to join the other six men nominated. Calvin Mason, #53, was selected for the Defensive Line, and Barry Decker, #56, stole into one of the two spots for the Outside Linebackers. 

In the All-District Team Utility Player of the Year list, Jamal Ford, #1, a West Rusk Raider, was placed in the seven selected. On the Special Teams Player of the Year list, Noah Murphy, #8, was selected from West Rusk.

Offensive Honorable Mentions include a Raider by the name of Koal Minor, #52, who plays on the Offensive Line. From the Defensive Honorable Mentions list, #77, JJ Chavez, was chosen for the Defensive Line.

These young athletes worked hard this season and deserve recognition for their perseverance and courage through these difficult and enduring times. Despite being knocked from the playoffs, the West Rusk Raiders were able to go pretty far this season, all the way to Regionals.

Thank you for reading!

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