This past weekend on Saturday the Overton Mustangs won 36-22 in a non-conference game at their home stadium with the Burkeville Mustangs. The game started slow and almost seemed that the teams were going to have a long fight ahead of them. However, the Overton Varsity boys seized the field and plowed through the defense lines of Burkeville.

During the game, the Overton boys took as many opportunities to back the Burkeville team into a corner, with their overwhelming presence. In the first quarter, despite the tension between the teams, there wasn’t very much in regards to yards being gained favorably one way or another.

Then, the Overton Mustangs managed to scoop a touchdown out from under the noses of Burkeville. This put the Burkeville Mustangs on edge. Forgoing the offense, the Burkeville opponents focused on defense, though this led to an interesting third quarter.

In the midst of passes and runs, gaining and losing yards, the Overton Mustangs gained 16 points. Considering the Burkeville Mustangs also managed to grab 14 points, it was a chaotic time on the field. The third quarter was where a storm brewed and came to life. 

It seemed that by the beginning of the fourth quarter, the energy that took ahold of both teams started to lessen. The Burkeville started making mistakes, and the Overton team took advantage of that.

The Overton Mustangs had garnered another 14 points on the scoreboard by the end of the fourth, while Burkeville barely scored 8. This concluded the end of the game, the total score coming to 36-22, with the victory handed to Overton.

The Overton Mustangs will play against the Bowie Jackrabbits this coming Friday in Overton’s home stadium at 7:30 p.m. 

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