Lady Mustangs hailing from Overton took on the Bloomburg Wildcats last Friday, at 5 p.m. in the Wildcats’ home court. The game was a harsh match-up, with the Wildcats coming in with an overall record of 9-2. The game was called with the Lady Mustangs taking another loss for their season, 16-44.

The Lady Mustangs have had quite a rough start to their season, with their first few games being a loss every time, but the Lady Mustangs have bounced back every time to give it their all in the next one. Just as they did so last week, after they lost on Tuesday night against the Fruitvale Bobcats, the Lady Mustangs turned their loss into a lesson. Facing the Bloomburg Wildcats head-on, the Lady Mustangs were hopeful for a win this time, but unfortunately, that was not the case.

In the first quarter, the Wildcats came crashing out onto the court, setting up their tight defenses ready for action. The Lady Mustangs followed suit, sizing up their opponents. However, as soon as the ball fell into the Wildcats’ possession, they immediately took advantage. 

Fourteen points were scored off of the Lady Mustangs by the Wildcats in the first quarter alone, with the Mustangs only able to squeeze past the inside defenses of the Wildcats for a single field goal. Steals and rebounds were bouncing the ball from one hand to the other, but the Mustangs couldn’t keep up.

In the second quarter, the Mustangs fell under the same rhythm as the first, while the Wildcats took 16 more points.

By the half, the game was a mess for the Lady Mustangs. Determined to not lose by such a large margin, the Lady Mustangs reared back their heads and stomped their feet, attempting to take back the second half. Scoring off six points in the third and another six in the fourth, the Lady Mustangs ended the game with 16 points on the scoreboard.

However, during the second half, the Wildcats kept taking points for themselves, ten in the third and four during the fourth. With the Wildcats rounding up the Lady Mustangs, there was nothing the young Overton athletes could do. The score gap was too large, and the opponent was tougher than expected.

Though the Overton Lady Mustangs lost the game Friday, they walked off the court with lessons to learn and improvement to work through. The ladies always face forward towards their next game and next opponent.

The next time the Overton ladies took to the court was Tuesday night, Dec. 8, at the Overton Lady Mustangs’ home court. Their opponent that night were the Longview Christian Lady Eagles (0-2). The results of that game will come in a later edition.

The next game scheduled for the Overton Lady Mustangs is on Friday, December 11, at 6:15 p.m. The opponent the Lady Mustangs will face off against will be the Winona Wildcats (2-4). Overton will host the game on their home court.

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