Seniors from the Henderson Lions football team bid farewell to an eventful yet trying season.

With the end of the regular season coming to a close, the Henderson Lions football team has come to terms with their recent loss which resulted in their elimination from the playoffs this season. The Lions have had a rough season this year, with COVID bringing about disaster in the form of canceled games, along with the uncertainty from last week when the last game of the season became the deciding factor for a playoff spot.

Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Phil Castles spoke in an interview about the results from the game, how the season fared, and what the postseason would bring to the table. With basketball season riding the coattails of the football and volleyball seasons, many of the young athletes are already switching gears to continue forth with their efforts.

The football game against the Chapel Hill Bulldogs was a frustrating game for the Henderson Lions, Coach Castles said, “We couldn’t contain their quarterback, he’s a good athlete, and we couldn’t run with their receivers at the end.” 

While most boys on the Henderson team play both ways, Chapel Hill tends to specialize with their players, and the Henderson Lions couldn’t close the gap in terms of experience. The game was pretty much decided after the half, and unfortunately so was the chance at the playoffs.

Though the outcome is disappointing for the seniors whose last year to make it to the playoffs, many are already setting their sights forward. Castles said, “ It’s time to move on to the next chapter and go right back to work.” Looking ahead to the next football season, Castles hopes that the worries of COVID will settle down in the coming months so that the student-athletes will have more to look forward to.

The seniors who worked so hard every year, it’s disappointing that this ends their time on the field. Although, facing the hard truth head-on is what the courageous Henderson Lions do best. Though it was hard, much was gained from the season, learning lessons on overcoming adversity and adapting to a flexible situation. These moments won’t be forgotten and will strengthen the mentality of the players moving forward, whether tackling another sport or taking on college exams.

Coach Castles is very proud of each and every football player who participated this season, hoping that the young athletes remember to take pride in the time that they have played for Henderson as well as to realize their potential going forward. 

The Henderson Boys Basketball team starts their official season this weekend so the boys who participate in the sport are quickly suiting up, so sports fans are looking forward to continuing their support. 

Tradition is something Henderson works hard to preserve, and their pride for their school allows them to get right back up in the face of disappointment. “Every season is different. This year was even more different,” Castles said, “But I was just proud of the way our staff and our kids responded.”

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