The Leverett’s Lions have had an amazing season this year, with an almost perfect record that landed them a spot in the playoffs, where they, unfortunately, met a formidable foe. The Leverett’s Lions were 6-2 for their overall record, with a 2-1 district record, placing them in second for their district.

This all came to a lull as the team was placed in the playoff brackets, where they waited until they could have their first playoff game against the Saint Jo Panthers. The State 2020 Football Championship Playoffs for the 6-man 1A D1 matched up the Lions and the Panthers for Thursday, November 12, where the Lions were unfortunately met with a bitter defeat.

The Lions team as a whole was a force of nature to be reckoned with out on the field, with a team of determined minds and courageous hearts. Despite the lack of certainty this season, whether COVID might come to their school or cancel their games, those boys never once wavered in their path to victory. 

However, everything came to an abrupt end Thursday night, with the Panthers scoring 74 to the Lions 38, Leverett’s Chapel lost their chances at the playoffs this season. Though the Lions put up a good fight, the Panthers had a fierce momentum that the Lions were not aware of going into the game.

With the Lions taking the loss gracefully, the players still acknowledge amongst themselves the amazing feat they pulled off this season. Not all teams are allowed into the playoffs, only those who have gained the necessary wins to do so, which means that the Lions did Leverett’s Chapel proud this season.

Coach Andy Bates continues to recognize the hard work all of the young athletes have left out on the field and is proud of everything those players have accomplished. Talents who continue to strive forward, preparing for the next chapter. 

Unfortunately, the Lions are losing four seniors this year, but those who remain will step up next season. Players who have shown amazing ability out on the field, especially Thursday night, include Senior Alexis Chavez, Freshman De’Marion Brown, Senior Darren Brown, Junior Michael Dennis, and Sophomore Nathan Pierson.

Chavez gained 130 yards on the field that night, plus managed 6 crucial tackles on the opposing team’s offensive line. Chavez also helped score three touchdowns for his team, alongside De’Marion who had a 99-yard rush touchdown and 14 tackles himself.

Darren followed right on De’Marion’s tail with 15 tackles and gained 71 yards rushing. Dennis had 4 receives that night, gaining 61 yards and 2 touchdowns. Pierson had one received for a 7 yard carry into the endzone.

Despite their best effort and the hopes for continuing their season deep into the playoffs, the path the Raiders were walking on ended abruptly Thursday night. 

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