LC Lions

Oh, how the mighty Lions roar! Last Friday night the Leverett’s Chapel’s Lions Varsity football team started off the weekend with a win over the Willowbend Rogues. 

Both teams filed out onto the field, ready to start their fight for victory. Both teams sent out their team’s captains,  #12 Jonah Shepherd on Leverett’s Chapel’s side, to the middle of the field for the coin toss. The verdict determined that Leverett’s would receive first.

At the kickoff start, a flag was thrown for an out of bounds ball kicked by Willowbend. This started the grueling streak of bad luck for the Willowbend Rogues, as the Lions quickly snatched the opportunity to take possession of the ball.

Within minutes of the first quarter, any audience could tell that the Leverett’s Chapel’s Lions were in their element. The entire first quarter stretched out to almost an hour's worth with the clock starting and stopping as the Lions determined to make as many plays as possible.

The ball started on the 30-yard line, but #12 Jonah Shepherd made a quick play and gained 16 yards with a run. Following close behind, #8 Darren Brown ran a 34-yard touchdown just 38 seconds in.

Unfortunately, the extra point did not make it, but that did not damper the Lions’ spirit. After the touchdown, #11 Eddie Contreas kicked off the ball, starting an avalanche of scores. They bulldozed through the Rogues, making play after play. 

Major highlights sprinkled throughout both quarters. Number 4 De’Marion Brown made a 38-yard run and scored a touchdown for the Lions. Then there was an interception by Shepherd, which led to another touchdown. 

Willowbend called a timeout out of frustration, with their coach pacing the sidelines. At the second down, #37 De’Quincy Brown made a 7 yard gain with 8 yards to go at the third down. 

In a heated moment on the field, a yellow flag made an appearance, with a Willowbend player making a personal foul on Shepherd. The player had grabbed Shepherd’s helmet and pulled him down. This gained the Lions an automatic first down on Willowbend.

At the first down, Shepherd returned that personal foul with a touchdown run. With constant friction between the two teams and only 3 seconds left on the clock, De’Marion intercepted a pass by Willowbend. With the ball in hand, De’marion ran it down the field, scoring a touchdown at the end of the first quarter.

The score at the end of the first quarter was 40-0, with the Lions dominating the Rogues. Starting the second quarter, the Lions did not rest in their pursuit of victory. During a ball recovery by the Lions, they made a fumble recovery, with the ball changing hands three times. This then started the ball out at the second down for Leverett’s Chapel.

Darren then made a rushing touchdown, followed by Contreas with a two-point conversion. At the third down and 5 to go, the Lions took possession of the ball after an incomplete pass by the Rogues. 

Nearing the last few minutes of the second quarter, #22 Thomas Giles made a 14-yard touchdown run, with the score settling into 56-0 with forty seconds left in the second quarter. Another player to mention would be #7 Jonathan Perry who made multiple tackles during the game, supporting his teammates running plays.

That ended the game for the Leverett’s Chapel’s Lions since in six-man football there is a mercy rule that states when a team is losing by 45 points or more by half-time then the game can be called.

In high spirits after their outstanding victory, the Leverett’s Chapel Lions are ready to take on their next opponents, the Tyler HEAT varsity football team, who will be coming to the Leverett’s Chapel’s home turf. The game will start at 7 p.m. for anyone who wants to attend.

Thank you for reading!

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