The Henderson Lady Lions, who have had a rough beginning to their basketball season this year, took on the Center Lady Roughriders over this past weekend. On Saturday, early afternoon, the Lions hosted the game in their home court. 

The game was tight towards the end of the third for the Lady Lions, but regrettably, the Lady Roughriders took the game 34-27.

When the game started into action, the Lady Lions fought to hold off the fierce pursuit by the Lady Roughriders, who pushed into the holes on the Lady Lions’ defenses. Dribbling down the court, the Lady Roughriders scored the first points of the night. 

With the ball in possession of the Lady Lions, a steal from the inside by a Roughrider brought the ball dribbling back down the court for a score for Center.

the Lady Lions and the Roughriders passed the possession back and forth during the first, with the Lady Lions taking six points for the first, but unfortunately, the Lady Roughriders upped them with ten.

In the second quarter, the Lady Roughriders changed tactics, deciding to keep the Lady Lions from keeping possession of the ball. The Lady Roughriders locked down on the Lady Lions, keeping them from scoring with several blocks and steals. With the Lions’ rebounds, the Roughriders turned around and took it down the court once more. Scoring nine points for Center, the Lady Roughriders widened the gap on the scoreboard in the second. The ending score for the game at halftime was 19-8, with the Lions at half the Roughriders score.

With the third quarter starting, the Henderson Lady Lions rallied together with their coaching staff, discussing the possible comeback options they had. Working together, the Lady Lions spotted weaknesses in the Lady Roughriders defenses and playstyle. Diving in to take full advantage of those openings, the Lady Lions scored multiple field goals and a three-pointer, scoring eleven points to the Lady Roughriders’ three points.

With those plays, it seemed like a comeback was possible, the score at the end of the third only having a three-point difference, 22-19. But tragedy struck for the Lady Lions. 

As the fourth quarter began, the Lady Roughriders seemed to completely change their dynamics, with their court play and aggressiveness taking new heights. They scored back-to-back field goals, taking twelve points in the fourth. They simultaneously shut down the Lady Lions on taking any steals off of them.

The Lady Lions, despite the opposition, kept pushing back hard, taking eight points from the Roughriders. Despite their best efforts, the score gap grew, and the game went to Center for the win.

As the day came to an end, the Henderson Lady Lions took notes on their performance, deducing what needs improvement and opportunities they missed out on the court. Taking every game a lesson, the Ladies walked off the court more determined than before for victory.

They turned their attention to their next scheduled game, where they would face off against the Tatum Eagles (1-2). The game was last night, Tuesday, Dec. 8. The results from that game will come out in Sunday’s edition. 

The Lady Lions’ next game is scheduled for Friday, December 11, at 6:15 p.m. It is a home game versus the Alto Yellowjackets (1-4). 

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