Henderson Lions

Henderson Varsity Lions traveled to Texarkana last Friday night for their game against the Liberty Eylau Leopards. They took the fight to the Leopards, managing to pull out a strong lead by the second quarter, ending the game 21-12 with the Lions victory. The football boys took a very serious approach to their first game of the season.

There were several highlights to the game with multiple key players, and it became a very well-balanced game for the Henderson Lions. They took a strong approach during their offensive play while maintaining a calm defense. 

In the first quarter, there were multiple plays set in motion to gain the field’s advantage for the Henderson Lions. Key player #3 D’Cameron Walker had a 24 yard run at the first and 10 yards to go during the first quarter. Then #2 Donovan Davis had a 21-yard pass to #14 Devin Phillips at the second and 15. 

There was an interception by #9 Trust Carston when the Leopards #10 and #15 tried to complete their pass at the first and 10. A 13-yard run was once again made by Walker at the second and 13. 

Right before the second quarter, there was a 14-yard pass made by Davis from the third and 10. The Lions ended the first quarter with a score of 7-6.

In a power struggle starting at the beginning of the second quarter, there was a fumble recovery by #17 Kyler Branham when the Lions caught the Leopards slipping on their pass completions.

Then an 8-yard touchdown pass was made from Davis to Phillips when they were at the third and 8. Following that spectacular move, Walker made a 23 yard run from the first and 10. 

Near the end of the second quarter a 13-yard touchdown run by #6 Ya’Corus Porter from the first and 10. The Lions ended the second quarter with a score of 21-6.

Leading into the third quarter, the Lions started with a 13-yard gain by Davis from the third and 16. Trailing close behind with a bold 29-yard pass by Davis to Phillips from the first and 10.

The Lions were forced to focus on defense the rest of the third quarter when the Leopards scored a touchdown on them. It was almost like the Henderson boys had started to feel too comfortable with their lead. The game slowly came to a stalemate, with the third quarter score ending at 21-12.

The fourth quarter had almost no action save for a 13-yard pass by Davis from the third and 10, as well as a fumble recovery by the Lions at the third and 14.

The game settled down without any more big plays or counters while the score stayed 21-12, making the Lions the victorious team. Fueled by their win, the Lions are pacing their dens waiting to sink their teeth into their next opponent, the Gilmer Buckeyes. They will face off against them this Friday, Sept. 4, at 7:30 p.m.

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