Lady Lions

The Lady Lions are rushing down the court after a quick change of hands, attempting to stop the Carthage Bulldogs from scoring in the first quarter.

The Henderson Lady Lions varsity basketball team had a stellar game this past Tuesday against the Carthage Bulldogs team in the Bulldogs’ home court. The rivalry surrounding the two schools goes back ages and runs deep in the hearts of the proud Lions. Unfortunately, the Lady Lions lost their game that night, 30-38.

The coaches and fans in the stands from both sides of the court were watching the court with trepidation in their eyes, waiting for the outcome. The Lions took to the court with strides full of determination and strength, but as the Bulldogs came thundering out on the court, the victory seemed up in the air for the night. 

The Lady Bulldogs took the initiative to make the first move of the night, after a foul was called on Henderson, the Lady Bulldog taking her shot at two free throws made one in, setting the score up with the Bulldogs 1, Lions 0.

Powering through the Lady Lions quickly turned around and secured 5 points on the board, where they kept the lead towards the end of the first quarter. With the scoreboard teetering on the edge before either side hit double-digits, the quarter came to an abrupt end.

Neither side had created much of a lead in the first, and the Lady Bulldogs took full advantage of their home court as the second quarter started. Racking the score up into the double digits, the Lions managed to keep up, however, the Bulldogs had switched positions. The Bulldogs were now leading the game, by just a hair’s breadth of wiggle room in the scoring.

After the half, the game got even tenser, with a back-and-forth steals and rebounds playing style. The Lady Lions were able to have twenty turnovers during the game, following 24 rebounds and 21 steals in total. Number 12, Washington, and number 30, Lybrand both managed to grab 6 rebounds off the back, while number 5, Medford, pulled some fast hands for a total of five steals overall.

Despite the hard work the Lady Lions put into the game, the outcome of the game came down to the last quarter, where the Bulldogs sealed their fate, 30-38 for the Lady Lions. Despite the loss, the Lady Lions were prepared to dive right back in.

Their next game was scheduled for Saturday afternoon, at 2:15 p.m. at the Lions’ home court. Their opponent was Center, their mascot Lady Roughriders, who were coming into the game 2-1 overall, while the Lady Lions were 2-4. The results from that game will come out in a later edition.

The next game for the Henderson Lady Lions will be at home against the Tatum Eagles, Tuesday, Dec. 8, at 5 p.m.

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