I’ve never in my unwaveringly annoyed life been closer to a public tantrum. 

If you know me, as some of you do, you comprehend that I’m in a fairly constant state of irritation. I can not tolerate the level of ridiculousness that the human race exhibits. And much like the Texas spike in COVID-19, the levels are rising in exorbitant numbers. 

We’re hiding from a virus while protesting in the streets.  People are literally dying on the sidewalks while we’re screaming that lives matter. We’re hanging on the cusp of homelessness because government fear-mongers think we should be too afraid to go to work. We’re making snide comments about a “stupid” generation while the next generation in line can’t set foot inside a school building. 

We are a ridiculous people. 

Earth is no longer our’s morphed into a giant blue galaxy full of billions of tiny self-absorbed human planets bouncing around within its gravitational pull. There is no refuge. Stupidity, ignorance, absurdity, misinformation, and outright lies permeate every facet of our lives.

People are starving and yet we throw away 1.3 BILLION tons of food a year. 

Homelessness is rampant and yet there are 17 MILLION abandoned homes in the United States. 

One group is angry that the other won’t wear a mask while the other is angry that the one is trying to make them. 

These groups are simultaneously angry about the color of that group’s skin and there are masses of misinformation spread on all sides. 

Let’s share another meme that so eloquently explains exactly how we feel about whatever nonsense is happening right this second. Let’s get all of our information from social media and please let us believe every misspelled word of it. 

Let’s be honest with each other for just a moment. No lives matter. You can shout whatever slogan makes you feel special, you can hold up whatever sign puts you on the “right” side of the argument but the reality of it is that nobody cares about anybody. 

I’m so absorbed in my own ridiculous life that I don’t care what strife is happening in yours. You’re so absorbed in your absurd life that my struggles don’t even register. 

I didn’t notice that you were starving so I threw away those vegetables I never bothered to cook. You don’t care that I’m struggling so you leave that empty house to rot. They don’t bother about the struggles in your community and you don’t even believe there are struggles in theirs. She doesn’t think her constitutional rights should be violated but he’s terrified to get sick. 

Do you see the pattern? 

We are a wasteful, greedy, self-centered, destructive race. Nothing else matters as long as you get your way. 

There’s only one way to fix every problem we’re all fixated on today. 

Y’all need Jesus. 

I’m not even trying to say that in some smart-mouthed Southern kind of way. It’s 100% all need Jesus in your life. Don’t think I’m not included in that. I’m y’all just like you are. I’m just as hateful, just as spiteful, just as petty, and just as dumb as every one of you. 

Jesus walked on water and he fed thousands of people with a few fish and some bread. Jesus raised the dead and kept three men safe inside a fiery furnace. Jesus was beaten bloody and unrecognizable, then nailed to slabs of splintery wood where he hung until a spear was stabbed into his side and he finally died. Why would he do that? Why would he suffer like that?

For you, ya pack of dummies! 

The glorious man that did all this can keep us safe from all of our ridiculousness and ignorance.

All of the hate disappears when you truly bring this man into your lives. Greed doesn’t exist because this dude makes you want to help your struggling brother and feed your starving sister. Racism and bigotry cease to be because this guy teaches us to love one another as he loves each of us. Judgment fades because this chap teaches us that our role is to love every man without concern for their sins. Fear never takes hold when you know He’s in control. 

Sadly, we don’t live in a world where this is our priority. We don’t want to be rid of the fear. We thrive on the drama and we revel in the hatred. We are a dark, destructive lot. We repel joy. We scatter contentment to the wind. We don’t deserve happiness. We don’t deserve salvation. 

That makes his sacrifice all the more poignant. He didn’t care that we didn’t deserve it. He didn’t care that we would destroy this beautiful planet he gave us, or that we’d make a mockery of his life, or that most of us wouldn’t even believe he existed. He still gave his life so that we could know true joy. 

Y’all really do need Jesus. 

Amber Lollar is the reporter for The Henderson News. Her e-mail address is <>. © 2019, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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