History. It has a prickly way of repeating itself, sometimes in a vicious cycle, and other times in the best way. History is definitley something we should pay attention to and learn what we can from it. 

All of us should know about the horrible events that took place over 100 years ago involving Native Americans. In case you don’t, a quick recap. 

In 1838 and 1839, the Cherokee Nation was forced to give up their lands, stemming from President Andrew Jackson’s Indian Removal Policy. The Cherokee were relocated to lands west of the Mississippi. 

The horrors they endured on this relocation journey would be known as the “Trail of Tears.”  Beaten, raped and exhauseted, the Cherokee Indians were pulled from the land they called home and placed in, what was deemed then, as Indian territory.  As I think on this, my heart aches for this century old treachery. It aches for the present treachery that Hispanic Americans are currently enduring. Not that either of these situations are the same in any way, but it does make the mind wonder, and present some similarities. 

I look around, and we are doing the same thing to immigrants. Our melting pot is becoming Trump’s “Pot of Choice.”

Long before the United States was ever the United States, Native Americans and Mexican peoples lived and owned lands in states that were still part of Mexico. 

These people, who may not be citizens, were here before. They didn’t cross a border, the borders crossed them. This was once their land, too. 

Go to West and Southwest Texas. There are generations of Hispanic families that still own land that has been through every change of flag that has flown over Texas. 

I don’t disagree that our country needs immigration reform or that we need to deport immigrants who are criminals. There are many BUTs to those two statements.

The racism and racial profiling that Trump’s rhetoric has created amongst Americans is the problem. 

The children in these immigration camps being torn from their parents and left to care for each other is something that should have never happened. Sick, crying, scared, hurting...what if those were your children?

Those of us who are citizens,  have to watch as our families are torn apart because this current administration can’t get their act together. 

ICE apparently needs to attend workshops on racial profiling, because they detain people who are obviously citizens. It even trickles down to the local levels of law enforcement. I’ve been stopped before and asked to show my GREEN CARD and talked to as if I didn’t know how to speak English. 

I have to go through hurdles and thousands of dollars to help my other half become what I was privileged to have, all while listening to negative comments and Trump’s blind tweets as he continues to divide our country and seal the lid on our coffins.

There are 56.6 million Hispanic people in the United States, making up for over 17 percent of the country’s total population. But yes, let’s pick on the Hispanic people. 

Our immigration reform is in crisis and a real estate tycoon, TV star, tantrum throwing, tweeter doesn’t need to be in charge of it, let alone a whole country. 

 I hope we see some light by election day in 2020. 

And can someone in the White House please take the computer and cell phone away from the President. His tweets are ridiculous.  

I digress.  

Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is  

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