The day was dreary, and the dark ominous clouds swirled in sync with the wind, as it caressed the eave of the house.

I sat on the porch, sipping a warm cup of coffee as the new year had graced us with its presence. A chilly start to a new decade, but a start nonetheless. Another year gone and a new one beginning. 

I had to sit back and reflect on a year that was full of excitement, ups and downs, tragedies and most of all LOVE. 

IF you don’t have love, then you have nothing. It is just as simple as that. 

Now 2020 is here. 

A year that, when I was younger, I thought would be full of more things like what we saw on the Jetsons cartoon. But, really it's just another year. 

Another year that we can learn to love others, to love ourselves more and to be kinder to others. Why is it so hard? Since I was a child, I was taught to love without judgement. Maybe that is why it is so easy for me to be kind. 

I go places and see how rude and bitter people are. I see how terribly people treat their spouses or how terrible they allow themselves to be treated by others. I see families that talk about one another behind their backs and then shun the members of the family they don’t care for. 

Our government grows more corrupt year by year, and yet we still allow them to govern us. 

So called Christians ranting on in hatred in the name of our creator. (Yet our creator is love. ) 

Hate and bitterness all lead to loneliness and despair. Our world is the way it is because we have turned a blind eye. 

I will not lie, there are people that I could care less about, but I will never go out of my way to hurt anyone. I wish everyone well, even someone who doesn’t want what is best for me. 

We are called to love one another. Without love what is there? What is the point of living if you can’t love? I couldn’t imagine not being able to love. 

Yes there are different kinds of it, but love is more than just a feeling of the heart. 

LOVE is being there for people when they need you in their times of despair. Love is having a family dinner every Sunday evening to catch up with your brothers and sisters. Love is teaching your friend how to bake a pie. Love is offering your neighbor a bite to eat when you know they don’t have food. Love is helping elderly people reach a can of soup at the top of the shelf at the grocery store. Love is giving away old clothes to people in need. Love is teaching your children how to read. How to grow into young adults that will be caring and loving. Love is forgiving people who have wronged you and offering them another chance of friendship, sometimes over and over again. 

Sometimes we have to cut certain people out of our lives because they are hindering us from being the best versions of ourselves. That isn’t easy, but cutting them lose is a form of Love, because they need to learn to grow and not be enabled to continue doing the harmful things they do. 

Yes, love is more than a feeling. Love is action. Love is teaching. LOVE is demonstrating that you are decent human being. 

For 2020 I hope you all learn what love really is. If you already know, then show those who do not. 

Be a light of love for all that cross your path, even if they don’t stay, you’ve sown a piece of love that will grow and continue to be sown as they find their way. 


Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is © 2019, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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