I remember it like it was yesterday. 

I’d come home from school or come inside from playing and ask my Granny what that old mean Stefano was up to. What had he done to Marlena, and what sort of mischief was Sammy getting herself into? It was like distant relatives we watched through a glass tube, and Granny knew exactly what was going on in their lives. To my knowledge, Granny has never missed an episode of the age-old feuds between the Bradys and the Demeiras in Salem. 

It is all so dismal. But in fact, it is even more than that because we’ve allowed it to be so. 

Toilet paper is flying off of shelves again, and restrictions are already being placed on day-to-day items we use. A recent trip to Sam’s for my monthly grocery trip proved that toilet paper was once again in high demand, as well as other paper products and food items.

The week before, I had filled my online cart with items we needed, and odds and ends of things, and to my surprise, when I hit the check out button, everything in my cart but the buttons of garlic and the onions was “out of stock”. Which then forced me to go to another retailer’s website and order from them. The Thanksgiving season has definitely been very different this year, thanks to the pesky germs we’ve come to call the ‘rona. As talks of shutting everything down again circulate, people are once again going on hoarding sprees as the ‘rona seems to be ramping up its infection rates. Tough times folks. 

Masks have become the new normal. (Which I highly advise of wearing one, because it does help.) Although it seems recently that people haven’t been wearing them or don’t see the need to. I know several people that ‘rona has graced her presence with, and it for some is horrible, and for others a mere little cold. 

The election has been a TV drama all on its own. I won’t go into details on that, but you know what I mean. 

We’ve all been through a rollercoaster of emotions for the past several months. I’ve never seen so many people fight over toilet paper and essentials. I’ve never seen so many people be so hateful to others either.

These are the days of our lives. 

But, as the world turns, life continues with all of our problems, misfortunes, birthdays, anniversaries, and deaths, you name it, it still continues. All the while COVID continues to wreak havoc on the nations of the world. As you sleep, new infections are added to the totals. The world will continue on as we sit here and go about our lives. As the world turns, we continue to live. Just as when our office here had people out sick with COVID, we continued to print this newspaper. We continued reporting. Life must continue. We can’t stop doing everything because we are scared or because the government wants us to be. 

The guiding light in the midst of all of this chaos is simple. This, too, shall pass. 

There have been and will always be pandemics that will surprise the creatures of this earth in the years to come. We survived, and we will continue to do so. 

That doesn’t mean to continue living carelessly because even when you think you won’t be a victim of a deadly disease, you very well could be. Wear your mask. Wash your hands. Sanitize your hands. Take all of the precautionary measures to ensure your safety and the safety of your family. 

Although it seems we are living out the story of a Stephen King novel, books come to an end. There will come a day when you will be able to say you survived one of the worst pandemics in history. Our ancestors have done it, and so will we. 

Passions to do good and philanthropists will keep us from coming completely unglued. I know that navigating this uncharted territory is difficult for all of us. We are stronger together, even if it is through social distancing and video chats. We will continue to learn about this virus. There will be a vaccine. 

No, you don’t need 5,000 rolls of toilet paper, because face it, if ‘rona takes you, I don’t think you will need it, but at least you’ll leave this world with a clean behind. And no, you don’t need 50 cans of Lysol either. Bleach is a good way to get rid of horrid germs and viruses. And so is peroxide. Spray bottle and voila!

We will make it. The sky is not falling yet. 

I know that many of us are young and restless, but we have to think of our futures and the what-ifs. Bold and Beautiful doesn’t last forever. 

Life can be a daytime melodrama, full of intensities and surprises at every turn. I think life is more like those horrible Harry Potter jelly beans instead of a box of chocolate. No one wants to bite into a mysteriously flavored jelly been that tastes like vomit. But life is like that. Forest was right, you never know what you’re going to get. 

These are the days of our lives and as the world turns, be the guiding light that others around you need you to be. 

Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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