The world becomes a crazier place every day and that feels like a mouthful of a statement coming from me. 

I’m not super conservative but I’m not liberal, either. I’m some strange middle-of-the-road, don’t really care what you do or who you are until it affects me on a personal level, kind of person and while very little of what’s going on around me has affected me personally it has annoyed me intensely. 

You’ve got peacefully fought gender wars, maybe gender arguments is a better term. Rainbow-haired non-binary thems angry because the world doesn’t address them properly, like using a plural pronoun to label a singular person makes any sense. Be who you want, who cares, but don’t be surprised when I can’t call you them or they because the voice of my English teacher lurks in the back of my brain shouting about tenses and participles and plurality. I say can’t which is totally false, I just won’t. Sorry, Demi, you’re her, not them. 

There’s George Floyd Square held hostage by militant protestors making demands and drive-by shootings where the people’s martyr died. Is that maybe what you get when you glorify a criminal? You build a monument to a lifelong thug and wonder why his element believes that’s a place the government, both Big and small, will negotiate for? Take it. Pitch a tent and live there! Kneel to your Saint and pray for better times, or better stores to loot and burn. 

You’ve still got people on both sides of the aisle crying over “The Big Lie”. I’m so deeply sick of politicians. We’re stuck with Ole Sniffy Joe and we’re muddling our way through it so who cares whether it was rigged or stolen. Why are you using a microscope to find bamboo particles on Chinese ballots? You’re not getting these months back and President Spray Tan isn’t getting back into that office until this election season is finished. Republicans and Democrats alike are just making their respective parties look like a pack of lunatics, meanwhile, the Libertarians are minding their own business with legal weed, less unnecessary government control, and guns for us all. 

Now a new group of Texans crying because faux Constitutional Carry laws are sitting on Abbott’s desk. To sign or not to sign? What ya waiting on Greg? 

Vaccines aren’t being pumped into veins quick enough and the summer is scary because COVID is waiting around the corner to pounce on the anti-vaxxers. Vaccine centers are closing down because the well of people rushing to get their jab is drying up and we’re left with 2/3 of the country unwilling to take the shot. States want to force their residents to take the shot by banning them from businesses or requiring documents or a QR code or a recycled LIVESTRONG bracelet proving your willingness to bow to der Mann. 

Everything around us is tears and pretend PTSD and woe to us all and my mommy and daddy didn’t love me the right way, you owe it to me to make it better! We live in a nation full of giant babies who have spit out their pacifiers and are now holding their breath until they get their way.

On the flip side of the millions of whiney entitled brats are those with their hands out to coddle, caress, and enable the needy masses. 

Oh honey, are you too frightened to go back to work? Oh dear, was the world mean not a nice place before you were ever even thought of? Oh, my little baby, is this modern, digitized, grab-and-go, instant gratification world too stressful for your delicate sensibilities?

Grow up, whine bags, or sit down with your plant-based, vegan, meat is murder baby formula sippy cup and let the rest of the world just function without you.

Amber Lollar is the senior reporter for The Henderson News. Her e-mail address is <>. © 2021, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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