Have you ever looked in the mirror, and saw someone staring back at you, wondering who that person in the mirror is…or was?

Just recently, I had one of those moments. I was brushing my teeth, looked up into the bathroom mirror and noticed I had a strange look on my face. I looked into my own eyes, staring at the pensive state of my pupils. 

Sometimes we lose our way, and turn into someone we never intentionally wanted to be. 

At times our hearts grow cold and oblivious to other people’s feelings around us. We have to thaw it out and warm our hearts by showing others we love and care for them. It may be difficult, but something well worth our time to do. 

It takes a strong person who is willing to swallow their pride and realize they’ve made the wrong choices and hurt people they should have never let go of in their lives. 

It’s not hard to love and care about someone, but then again it’s not always easy. The times that aren’t easy, are not times that are meant to just give up. The rough times of love show who you really are. Love isn’t a game as many people tend to make it out to be. And love is definitely not about seeing how many relationships you can have in the span of time. 

Love is a gift. It’s an amazing gift of this life. And if you abuse it, I’m sure that karma will come around to take a stab at you in the future. And well, that person that was so wonderful to you, who did everything for you; it may be too late when you realize you should have never let them go. 

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Are you proud of what you see? Are you happy with the person you are?

Not looking into the mirror isn’t going to solve anything. Many people avoid it in order to not see the monstrosity that awaits them. We can change the way we see ourselves. It takes courage. Lots of courage and prayer to change who we use to be and into the new people we should be. 

Don’t listen to people who want to hurt you with the words they say and who want to judge you. Some people don’t understand that the words we speak can have a very big amount of power over the person we speak them to. 

The ugly and wicked mirror image that we see, can sometimes be formed by how we let others influence us. It can be formed by how we let their words eat at us, until finally those same words become us. 

I’ve heard someone say that we make ourselves sad. Or we make ourselves feel what we want to feel, not because someone made us feel that way. But with that I strongly disagree. We feel pain, we cry and we hurt for whatever reason, but if it weren’t for the person that said, or did what they did, we wouldn’t have those feelings. So in turn, we feel because of what others say or do to us. 

You may very well be the victim in whatever situation, but don’t let people with cruel hearts victimize you. They only do it because they are unhappy with themselves. Don’t let them see you cry, because then for sure they know they can dangle that power over your head. 

Our tongues are powerful manipulators of words. The best thing to do is to control what we say. 

I’m guilty of saying things I shouldn’t say. We all are. But in order to make a difference, the difference starts within, and by showing others we can make that difference.

This world is full of frozen hearts and evil people that want to hurt us or use us. Trust me, I know. 

But with our words, we can change not only our lives, but the lives of others. With words of wisdom, truth and love we can speak life on not only our lives, but onto others. 

Be the difference in the world. Unthaw your heart and share its warmth. And above all, change the person you don’t recognize looking back at you in the mirror. Don’t let others influence who you completely are. Make a positive image for yourself and give the gift of love and compassion. 

Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is © 2019, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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