I kind of hate writing this column in a way, because it is an admission of sorts!

I realize that I now qualify for the senior drink at Whataburger for a reason. 

A piece of news the other day got me to thinking.  It was a brief article about the celebration in Memphis of a birth date. Elvis was remembered on what would have been his 85th birthday!

Wow! Elvis at 85! Hard to imagine. Born in 1935, Elvis Presley died of an apparent heart attack in August, 1977. 

 His death was 43 years ago.  Elvis has been dead longer than he was alive.

 Anyway, it reminded me of my youth and how long ago I enjoyed attending an Elvis concert and listening live to the King of Rock ‘N Roll.  

I guess it is hard to admit to most of us that we are officially “old!”

It is hard to admit that we can’t do the things we used to do! 

My sweet wife and I like to travel and we had to put off plans while I recovered form cataract surgery on both eyes.  It was remarkable the difference that new eyes can make!  After  wearing glasses all the time for 45 years, I now need them only for reading the small print.

My eye doctor had been telling me for two years that I needed the surgery, but again, it is hard to admit that I was as good as I always was, but I was not!  Now I am better, but age was the primary reason I needed a vision upgrade.

I had lunch with a close friend  recently.  We were high school classmates and always enjoy visiting and discussing the “good old days!”  

However, on this occasion, we ended up laughing after realizing the topic of our discussion on this day, centered around doctor’s appointments, blood pressure meds and how many of our former classmates were ill or worse!

As I mentioned earlier, my sweet wife and I like to travel. We were in a hotel recently when hotel management, for some curious reason, had placed a full length mirror in the bathroom. 

When I stepped out the shower, I saw this gigantic mirror. It was not a pretty picture!

I was reminded of a song I heard recently, obviously written by a senior citizen, titled, “I Just Don’t Look Good Naked Anymore!”  

I told the Managing Editor of this newspaper that I was going to write a column about the humorous aspects of growing older. However, it is hard to find much funny about the natural changes in our lives as the years roll by.  

The sweet wife could probably write a good long column about the funny things that I have done in recent years.  I probably didn’t recognize hitting the obvious curb twice in two days at our granddaughter’s high school in my new truck as funny.  She feels the need to provide much more instruction to me while I am driving.    

Oh well.  Growing older is actually a blessing. So many of my high school friends have died or are battling serious illnesses, that I count our blessings every day.  

I have been married to my sweet wife for more than 50 years.  Although growing old is not that humorous, I can’t think of a better partner than Patsy Duncan Morrison with whom I can grow old; we can celebrate senior citizenship together!  And listen  to Elvis music every day!

Until next time!

Ronnie Morrison is a former Henderson Daily News sports editor who is now a freelance writer and occasional contributor.

Thank you for reading!

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