All my life I have heard about children hitting the terrible two’s but never quite understood what that meant until I had my own toddler. 

Presley recently hit 19 months old and is by far into the terrible two’s. 

She is a great child when she wants to be, and when she is at day care. However, at home when it’s just her and I that is a different story. 

I think the terrible two’s last two years and not just at the age two or that is at least how it will be for Presley and I. 

I often blame Christopher that Presley got her temper from him because there is no way I am that short fused, but it could be both of us. 

Recently I decided to cut Presley off from her pacifier. Partly for the health of her teeth and the other being I don’t want her to have it going in to kindergarten at age five. 

So we took it away randomly one morning two weeks ago and surprisingly, I haven’t given in to her to give it back. Now I have thought about it many times in these two weeks. 

Chris has tried hard to give her the pacifier back, but can never find them thanks to my good hiding spots. I told him if he helped clean the house more he’d know where my hiding spots are. He didn’t find it as amusing as I did. 

So with growing up and losing her pacifier we have had a rough time lately. 

I have always hoped it wouldn’t be my kid that lays on the ground kicking and screaming, but it often is. Luckily for me she hasn’t done this any where but home, my parent’s and Chris’ parents houses. 

We have found that she loves the outdoors and I will admit to bribing her with playing outside to end the tantrum. 

I have found it so amazing watching her learn and her vocabulary grows every day.

A few nights ago she was playing with her fridge magnets and brought me one with a cow on it and said “moo.” I had no idea she even knew what sound a cow made but was very impressed. 

Day care has helped her so much in her development and I thank her amazing teacher every day. Dealing with Presley alone is hard on me but her teacher handles nine kids around Presley’s age and still has a smile at the end of the day. 

I’m not sure I could handle nine toddlers in the beginning stages of the terrible two’s!

Recently Presley’s favorite thing, other than going outside, is showing you where different body parts are located. She has mastered her nose, mouth, belly, feet and cheeks. 

She is still working on pointing to the right spot when asked about eyes, ears, chin, hands and others. 

I also never realized as terrible as the “terrible two’s” are they are also very funny. 

Presley has turned into a little clown when she is happy. She will spin in circles and keep going until you quit laughing. She will make all kinds of funny noises to make you laugh and she’ll even try to tickle you. 

The more we laugh at her the funnier she acts, which scares me to think she is going to be the class clown that I’ll be having to visit with her future teachers about it. 

For right now she stays pretty quiet at day care but I see that changing in the future. 

The last thing I have to talk about, is more of a brag.

I was recently told by her teacher that out of the nine kids in her class she is the only one that will pick up and put up toys when it is time. 

I have never stressed to Presley to pick up her stuff, but apparently I have made her do it enough that she does it at school. 

For me being a first time mom I take that as a huge win in my book.

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