Dan Moore

I don’t know about you but I am fed up with our federal government. 

What is supposed to be a group of leaders that look out for our best interest and deal with the issues that affect legalized Americans has become a national circus.

More time is spent on kangaroo court between the house and senate, the Democrats and Republicans, and even among the parties themselves, than how to deal with the things that matter most to Americans.

Instead of continuing to investigate President Donald J. Trump why aren’t they working together to fix our broken healthcare system? 

Why aren’t they investigating insurance companies that have overcharged us for years rather than trying to convince the house and senate to provide healthcare to non-citizens?

Why not investigate those hospitals and doctors that overcharge for their services or recommend tests that we really don’t need? 

Why not investigate legalized drug pushers (pharmaceutical companies), like we do with illegal drug cartels, for overcharging those of us who are dependent on their products, such as cancer patients, diabetics, etc.?

In 2016, it took a non-political presidential candidate (Donald J. Trump) to open the eyes of voters that we needed to drain the swamp (Washington). I will go a step further and say that this needs to happen to many, on a state and local level, such as cities and counties.

This is why many of these career politicians want to destroy President Donald Trump. He is exposing the swamp for what it really is.

The best way to drain the swamp on a national, state and local level would be to implement term limits to all branches of government.

This would get rid of career politicians who loose sight of the very people that put them in office, while at the same time, make them think twice about recommending and passing laws that they themselves would have to live by once they are out of office.

Not having term limits has caused a lot of corruption in government. It has opened the doors for special interest groups and lobbyist rather than working for the common everyday citizen.

Not all, but many career politicians are controlled by lobbyists because of the financial support they get to be re-elected. That’s why “We The People” usually receive the short end of the stick.

Many of these politicians actually take jobs as lobbyist instead of running for another term. They now have contacts and know how to work the system for personal gain.

On the national level term limits only apply to the executive branch and some agencies but not the house or senate.

Today, 38 states have some form of term limits for statewide elected officials. Fifteen states also have legislative term limits.

Most cities and counties have no term limits for local politicians; however, they do have a set number of years for each term and then they have to run for office again. 

Naturally, career politicians are not in favor of term limits. Why would they want to pass a bil ls that would limit their political career for a few years rather than a lifetime? 

They claim that term limits are already in place and determined by the voters at the end of each term; but since voter turnout is always low they usually get re-elected.

I’m convinced that the day has come where we need to pressure our elected officials to push for term limits. This will most definitely help us drain the swamp and take back our nation.

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <publisher@thehendersonnews.com>.

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