Imagine a treasure box, full of pearls, shiny chunks of emeralds, diamonds, sapphires; surrounded by golden coins. You’ve searched for what seems ages, and you finally found shiny things you were so eager to touch, to see and to have as  your own. When in the very beginning, the  treasure was always close by. 

We are treasure boxes. Our hearts are the reddest rubies of love, our eyes the most brilliant of diamonds, our words, if used wisely, as cool as a pearl necklace that adorns the neck of the most royal. 

Inside, we hold some of the most valued treasures; such as love, forgiveness, sympathy, kindness, and humility. 

We find treasures that we can share with others, treasures that can shine, to help guide others in the right direction when they become lost. Or in other cases, for us to dig deep within ourselves to find the answers that we are looking for. 

Sometimes we develop these treasures overtime. No one can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending. Everything we think and everything we do has some sort of effect on how the ending will turn out for us.  If we continue to do the wrong things, then we only set ourselves up for loss, wondering why did this happen to me again. 

For instance, it’s like people who tell you one thing and then turn around and completely do something else.

Don’t be foolish and keep believing what someone tells you, if you know they are lying to you. Be the difference, make the difference.  And when we cry, we only polish our treasures within. Many times our eyes need to be washed by our tears, so that we may see life with a clearer view. 

Many times we open doors in our lives that need not be opened, doors that lead us into the wrong ways of life. Doors that should have remained closed, but opened because of stupidity.

Treat yourself like royalty. Share the rubies of love, the diamonds of kindness and the pearls of peace. 

Our actions are louder than the words we speak. You can tell someone a million times you care for them, but if you never show it, then I believe the other person will hardly, if ever, feel they are cared for. 

I sit upon a throne of happiness, because I choose to. I sit upon a throne of treasures that I share with my fellow people. 

When we realize the treasures that lie within ourselves, then can we share them with others. 

We must look ahead. Ahead into our futures, investing our treasures in what is to come. Looking back on the past will only resurrect hurt and hatred.  And it makes our treasure dull and lose its shine. 

I used to think that I was worthless. That everything I did, no matter what, was never good enough but then I found all of those jewels within, all of those qualities that had always been there, but were dull because I let people tarnish them with their hatred and cruelty. 

Our enemies only have the power we let them have over us. We have more power over our enemies than we think. Showing them love and kindness is more powerful than the most evil enemy. 

No matter where you are, no matter what you are facing, remember that we are royalty. We can make the difference wherever we are. 

Dust off your heart and search within. Because those treasures we hold inside, make us the richest people in the world. 

I sit upon a throne of happiness, because I found the treasures within myself. 

There are plenty of seats on the throne. Just find the treasure and you will see. 

Shed a few tears once in a while, you’ll be surprised how clear you can see afterwards.

Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is 

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