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Not sure how I truly want to begin this column this week so if this feels a little bit rambly, I apologize. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about right now except for my usual topic of Presley. 

Let’s see in two weeks I will be the mother to a two year old. How did we get here so fast? 

Now if you remember a previous column a few months back, I told you how we had already started the terrible twos, well lets just say they have gotten worse. 

Just this past week, she didn’t care for something her day care teacher told her, so Presley being my child, put her hands on her hips, shook her butt and told her teacher “no.” Talk about sassy! 

Presley’s current teacher is her newest one since Presley moved up classes to be with the other two year olds. In doing so I believe she has picked up a few bad and good habits from her classmates. 

Not only has she been extra sassy lately in her walk and attitude, she’s been a handful. Crying and throwing fits when she doesn’t get what she wants and when she wants it. Chris and I spend quite a bit of time dealing with these fits and I’ve come to the realization that I am the meaner parent. Presley, by far, has daddy wrapped around her finger, not so much mommy.

Going back to talking about day care, I do the daily drop off and pick ups to school with Presley and have since she was seven months old. At times, this can be a huge hassle with trying to get to work at a good time or trying to make it back to Kilgore before the day care charges me extra for being late. I have thought about changing our routine and having Chris do drop off or pick up but they are my two favorite times of the day that I don’t want to give up. 

Presley and I have learned a little routine in the mornings, that once we get to day care, she gets out of the car and walks in holding my hand and carrying her lunch box. We get inside and she walks straight to her class, puts up her lunch box and gives me hugs and kisses before going into the classroom. She will then turn around (most days) and tell me “Bye-bye momma, I love you.” Melts my heart every time!

Pick ups are a little more exciting at times, when I get there she will come running to the door, arms wide open till she gets to me to give me a hug and super excited to see me. Now the exciting part is when her teacher has just mopped the floor and it’s wet. Presley runs, arms wide open, makes it about three quarters of the way to the door and slips with her feet out from under her. Of course being the great mom I am, I laugh. 

The overall excitement my child has to see me at any time when I’ve been away from her, even just walking back into the room from the rest room, makes all those terrible twos moments not seem so bad and totally worth it. Presley may have daddy wrapped around her finger but mommy is, by far, her favorite person. 

This year has gone by so fast watching her grow, learn and develop into a short, sassy toddler but it has been so much fun with her, especially when she starts acting silly.   

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