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Well, it’s finally official, at least in a few days, I will celebrate my 65th birthday. 

To prove it I have my AARP and Medicare card. As if that wasn’t enough proof my body reminds me of it even though my mind hasn’t. I find myself moving a lot slower, taking more time to get out of my chair and can’t do as many things on the honey do list as I use to.

For six and a half decades I have seen many changes in my life. Here are a few of them.When I was a young boy it was an embarrassment to wear pants with holes in them. That’s why we had patches in my day to cover the holes in our pants. I know first hand because I experienced it more than once. Today it’s a fashion trend. It amazes me that people will pay a lot of money for pants with holes in them and especially if they are faded. I wished I had kept mine instead of throwing them away I could have sold them in a yard sale.

Another fashion trend is hairstyles. My mom didn’t know I had curly hair until I was in the first grade when she decided that dad wasn’t going to give me a crew cut any longer. When I played football no player on the team was allowed to have hair touching the collar or over the ears. Today they have to wear a larger helmet just to get all their hair in it. I have seen many styles come and go with some of them returning.

When I was in Alvin months ago the style for teenagers was the comb over. For those of you who don’t know what a comb over is ask any man who parts his hair about two inches above one ear and combs it over to meet the other ear. The purpose is to cover the bald spot on top of the head. Of all the styles I have seen on youth through the years this is one I could not believe until I saw it with my own eyes. 

Years ago I remember sitting on the floor watching my first color TV show. Up until that time all TV programs were black and white. We only had one channel. Today we have smart TV’s smarter than most of us with more than 300 channels available if you have a satellite dish. No longer do we have to get up out of our chairs and change the channel. Now we can speak into a smart remote and it will change the channel for us.

Back in the day if I were going to listen to music I would have to get out the old record player and place a vinyl record on it. Then a few years later the 8-track tape player was the hot item. I thought I had hit the modern age with the arrival of the cassette player. After that the CD player was introduced. A short time later the Mini Disk player was the new fad. Then came the Walkman and then the iPod. Now most music is downloaded on either cell phones or tablets. 

Speaking of phones they have changed as well. When I was a kid our phones were rotary dial. The interesting thing about phones in my childhood was you could pick up the receiver and listen to someone’s conversation. It was called a party line. If they were on the phone for long periods of time you would have to interrupt them and ask them to hang up so you could make a call or that you were expecting a call. 

After that came the private line and then the touchtone phone. Today digital phones are the current trend however these landline phones are disappearing in many households and being replaced with cell phones.

A long time before cell phones there were beepers and telephone booths. I can’t count the number of times I would get a beep with a request to call the office only to have to locate an outside phone booth drop in a quarter and make the call. Then came the invention of the cell phones. The first ones were about 12 inches tall and four inches thick. Needless to say the smart phone was an excellent invention. I still haven’t learned how to walk, look at my screen and text at the same time.

Vehicles have changed as well. From my four-cylinder four-speed car with no air conditioner I had as a teenager to cars that will drive themselves today. Today trucks cost more than automobiles. Farm tractors have air conditioned cabs as well as four-wheelers.

The one thing that I remember the most through the years was our respect for God and Country. It was more than a fad, it was a lifestyle. Today there’s an attempt to remove God entirely from our nation and destroy statues that remind us of our history. God and country is woven through the very fabric of our lives.

I can’t believe my eyes when I see people kneeling in resistance to our nation’s flag or national anthem. In my opinion the only kneeling that should be done is at an altar asking God to forgive us of our sins and to bless our country. 

Now I understand why senior citizens years before me always talked about the good ole days. Maybe they were right after all. Right or wrong I believe that life was much simpler and many times better than it is today. 

Now that I’m 65 I have one more thing to say, “Look out senior citizen discounts, here I come.”

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <publisher@thehendersonnews.com>.

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