It never fails. As soon as we start getting a little extra money something breaks and there goes the extra money. 

Chris and I both received our income tax returns this week and it seems like a majority of that is gone. 

Out of the five vehicles we have there isn’t a single one that doesn’t have something wrong with it. Two are driveable, but have minor fixes to be done.

About a week ago, my car and daily driver decided it was tired of driving 5o miles a day and was not going to start. We figured out Thursday that it needs a new battery and battery terminals. 

When the car first broke down I was disappointed because I’ve had the car almost five years and have never had an issue out of it. This is the first time in those five years that I’ve done anything more major than tires on it and thanks to Chris, I realized that’s a really good thing. 

Thank goodness we have our Expedition that I am able to drive in situations where mine needs work. Also thank goodness Chris has so many race cars so he knows how to fix my car without having to send it to a mechanic.  

Two of Chris’ trucks need major work as well. 

Don’t ask me why the man needs three trucks, but he feels that he does, not my choice. I’m honestly not even sure what is wrong with them either. 

Along with the vehicle repairs we have some minor home repairs to do. For instance, we have a small shower leak to fix before we have to redo the flooring and hook up our washer and dryer. Hopefully all that won’t cost too much since one of Chris’ best friends used to be a plumber and knows how to do both jobs. 

Over half our return is going to fixing these issues and it’s almost heartbreaking but as I am told by my mom it’s called “adulting.” 

I have to say being an adult is not all the good it sounds like when you’re a teenager. 

Growing up you always want to be older and to be more independent, not needing your parents but I have to admit I would trade places with my youngest brother any day. 

I miss the days when mom and dad would pay for my gas and all of my bills.

I was looking forward to getting spoil myself and Presley with some new stuff with my return, but it’s not looking like that will happen right now.

We will still have what is left after the mechanic bills, but we would like to put some of that into savings since we have very little of that.

I’m extremely grateful however that I am able to receive a return. I know many people that had to pay in and not receive anything back. 

I’m not sure how I would feel about working hard for a year, going to the tax lady and finding out that I have to pay in more money. 

I try not to count on my return because I never know how much it’s going to be until I go see the tax lady but it is a nice help when times are tough. 

I can’t remember the last time I heard my parents say they were getting money back. They have always had to pay in and it blows my mind every year. 

Tory Van Blarcum is the society editor for TheHenderson News. Her email address is

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