This Sunday marks my second year to celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom. Things are different now that I’m a mother celebrating the day than when I was just celebrating my mom.

My mothering ways have been influenced by five women in my life, my mom, Chris’ mom, my great-grandmother, my Meemee (mom’s mom) and my Bama (dad’s mom).

For a majority of my life my mom has been a stay-at-home mom that had her craft business to have extra money for us kids. She has always made sure we never went without even if she did. 

Now that I have been a mom to Presley for 20 months, I often find myself acting and sounding a lot like my mom. Chris often tells me how much I act like mom. 

My mom always tells us what we need to hear and what we don’t want to, but then when she’s done she tells us how much she loves us. 

Although I do a few things differently than mom I know that I have made her proud in my life decisions just like she makes me proud to call her my mom.

I hope that one day Presley will feel the  same about me and we’ll have the relationship my mom and I have.  

Even though I have only known Chris’ mom, Sherry, for six years I have learned a lot from her. 

I have witnessed her love her children no matter what they say or do. No matter what, within a few minutes of the situation, good or bad, she always does her best to make the best out of it and tell them she loves them.

I love this about her because no matter how mad she may be at her kids she doesn’t give up on them. She is still going to tell them she loves them and probably buy them something they don’t need because it was on sale or a good price. 

A major role in my up bringing was by my great-grandmother who passed away three years ago. She raised eight children and loved her family. 

The woman never met a stranger or made anyone feel like they were one in her home. 

She, at times, was brutally honest to her kids, grandchildren and great-grandchildren but it was always out of love. 

She loved to teach us how to cook new things or just tell us a story about the old days. She is someone I can’t wait to tell Presley stories about. 

My Meemee is another wonderful mom in my life. For a brief moment while moving schools growing up, I got to live with her and it’s a time I will never forget. 

Like my great-grandmother, Meemee loves to be in the kitchen with her grandkids or teach us something new. She has taught me so many life lessons and has a true heart of gold. 

The final influential mom in my life is my Bama. She is a woman in a man’s world at times. She is often out working with my Pawpaw while he mows pipelines but that doesn’t stop her from loving her children and grandchildren. 

She always finds the time to show some love even if it’s just a card in the mail. 

After having these five women show me five different mothering styles I think Presley will be raised well. All five have shown me how to be tough on their loved ones when needed but to love unconditionally. 

Being a mom to Presley has changed my way of thinking and life to an extent I don’t even have enough words for. She is constantly on my mind and in my day. She is truly my greatest blessing in life and my daily motivation. 

I want to wish a special Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms. I know my day will be full of blessings because I’ll be with family.

Tory Van Blarcum is the society editor for TheHenderson News. Her e-mail address is <>

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