Bark! Bark! Hey y’all! Get out and vote, our nation needs you on Nov. 6.

I concur Sparkman if there is ever a time that we need to vote it’s now. It is amazing what we have witnessed in the biased liberal news for the past few weeks. The liberals will stop at nothing to take the house and senate. We can’t allow that to happen.

Let me be clear that I’m not Republican, Democrat or Independent. I’m conservative and vote for those who hold conservative values and principals.

Yap! Yap! The way I see it Big Dog is that the Democrats don’t deserve to be in office. Not all of them are bad but the majority of them will not be satisfied until they turn America into a liberal nation. It’s worse than a cat and dog fight. Believe me I know something about cat and dog fights.

You’re right about a fight Sparkman. It’s a fight of intimidation and lies perpetrated by the Democratic politicians and certain movie stars and entertainers and it is spilling into the streets all across our nation. This divisive plan is being implemented by the far left must stop now. Only you the voter can thwart this plan by showing up to vote.

Bark! Bark! I know what we need to do. Get rid of every professional politician and elect businessmen and women who have a heart for our nation and its people and not some office in D.C. Maybe term limits are not a bad idea after all.

If we the voters don’t turn out for this mid-term election I’m afraid that we may see a greater decline in the morals and values that this nation was founded on. For almost two years now, we have enjoyed an economic restoration, world influence and a reverse in the decline of our nation’s morals and values.

Two weeks ago I helped out with one of our annual Rotary projects, handing out dictionaries to third graders. As I entered the building I heard over the intercom someone leading all the students in the Pledge of Allegiance. Sandwiched between the school’s mission statement and the pledge was not a prayer but a moment of silence. For over a half century prayer has not been allowed in our public schools.

It brought back memories when I was in the third grade 56 years ago. As a student in elementary school we ended the semester as we had for two and half years with the pledge and prayer every morning. When I returned for the fall semester we were not allowed to pray and this has continued for over a half century. We lost one of our most precious freedoms, to pray in school. The Supreme Court ruled on June 25, 1962 that prayer in schools violated the first amendment.

Bow! Wow! For an old man you sure do have a good memory. I’m just a young pup and sometimes I have a hard time remembering where I buried my bone.

This charade by the Democrats over the Supreme Court nomination of Bret Kavanaugh wasn’t really about his nearly 40 year past, which by the way could not be corroborated.

It was about a conservative judge making up a majority of the Supreme Court and the Democrats were willing to do what ever it took to stop it, even if it meant destroying a man’s reputation and embarrassing his family.

Maybe now that we have a majority of conservatives on the Supreme Court we can see a restoration of our conservative values.

Yap! Yap! Yea, the Democrats made the Kavanaugh hearings look more like a Jerry Springer Show. I wonder what their past was like when they were in college. Maybe somebody needs to do investigative reporting on them.

For eight years the Democrats were in charge and here are a few things they accomplished. Obama Care at a price that average Americans can’t afford. Weakened our nation to the point we were no longer feared by rogue nations. Deceive and lie to the American public to cover up their unlawful schemes to try and stay in office. Force their immoral lifestyles and beliefs on a conservative nation and try to make us feel guilty if we did not agree. I could go on but my allotted space in this column will not permit me.

Grr! Grr! Yep, they had their eight years now it’s time for us to have our eight years so get off your rear and go vote.

 It’s time for the people of Rusk County to turn up at the polls during early voting and on election day and vote to make sure that no Democrat is elected. You can bet the Democrats and liberals will definitely turn out to vote.

Thank you for Reading!

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