For four months experts and governmental leaders have tried to convince us they have the answers to curb or stop the corona virus from spreading so they recommend or mandate certain requirements for us to follow. So far they have been wrong. Let me explain.

We were told that hand sanitizers and disinfectants were very important to stop the spread of the virus. So multitudes emptied store shelves of these items believing that if they bought and used them they would not get this virus.

Companies that manufactured these products and retail stores that sold them made a fortune as consumers purchased them, which drove prices up to unbelievable levels creating supply and demand.

Guess what? They now say that hand sanitizers don’t really work. Actually on June 19 the FDA advised consumers not to use any hand sanitizer that contains methanol a substance that can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. There were a total of nine products listed.

On July 7 a recall was issued for all sanitizers that contains methanol. This makes one wonder what expert or political leaders gained financially from this misleading information.

Next were disinfectants. There were even shortages of the products as people rushed to the stores to purchase what they thought would stop the virus. Shelf after shelf was empty for weeks, stores even had to limit the amount bought by all customers.

Guess what? It didn’t flatten the curve but companies and retailers made a ton of money. By the way there is not a shortage now, you can buy all you want.

Next came social distancing. I refer to it as non-social distancing because it separates us from each other and most Americans are social people. Some have suggested that we forever stop shaking hands as we have for my entire life. This for sure would flatten the curve they claimed. Stay six feet apart, no mare than 10 people in any room or a percent according to the square footage of the building. 

They made us close down churches, ball games, entertainment venues and the list goes on even if it meant denying us of our constitutional rights. However it is ok to protest in massive gatherings along with violence I might add with no regard to distancing and continues as of today.

Next was the closing of all businesses except what they deemed essential. This almost put local businesses out of business by making them close their doors to the public until governmental leaders decided they could open them. Did it stop the virus? Absolutely not! What it did was create the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression. I believe there will be many businesses that will eventually close as a result of this executive order. Oh, by the way online shopping has generated millions of dollars and the virus still rages on.

Then comes my favorite mandate released last week (I’m joking about it being my favorite). Every Texan must wear masks when in public. I really have a problem wrapping my brain around wearing a mask inside a restaurant but once inside you take it off to order, eat and visit with others sitting within 6 feet of you with their mask off in an enclosed room. You then put it back on, leave and go outside where you take it off again.

I guess the mask companies will be the next millionaires. Have you checked the price for mask lately? You had better hurry and get yours if you can afford it or before there’s a shortage. Besides they will eventually tell us that this didn’t stop the virus either.

What’s next? I’m sure we will find out very soon. Let’s pray it’s not another attempt to close all stores. That will be the death of our economy and business community not to mention another wave of unemployment.

We don’t know who or what to believe but one thing is for sure, experts or governmental leaders can’t get it right as an unseen virus paralyzes our nation. Some proudly call it the new normal. It may be for them but I will never accept it as normal. Don’t get me wrong I will be a good law abiding citizen even if I don’t agree, like wearing a mask for instance.

So, until the next mandate we will have to wait patiently to see what’s next as the coronavirus cases continue to grow.

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <publisher@thehendersonnews.com>. © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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