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It has been 67 days since I made my New Year’s Resolutions. And in the span of two months and five days, I think I have broken all of them. I guess that’s what happens when we resolve to resolve. Which brings us to Lent. Rejoice! 

In Christian denominations, the Lenten season is observed by fasting or giving up. Lent is a solemn religious observance in the Christian liturgical calendar that begins on Ash Wednesday and ends just before Easter Sunday.

This season is as much about repentance as it is about renewal. In fact, Lent is more about light than it is darkness. Perhaps lightening our load and reprioritizing our lives. Lent is about being real. 

The resolutions I make or break on Jan. 1 often focus on what I intended to do. I tend to take inventory at Lent and I make a list of what I am not going to do. 

I have seen people swear off coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and Facebook. Simple items, right? If you give up something for Lent, it’s a serious test. 

Here are a few things I am considering (I still have three days to fully commit) giving up for 40 days. 

Coffee: I am putting this first because I think I am already well on my way to giving this one up. I haven’t bought a K-cup for my Keurig in over a month. I switched to the healthy, herbal tea instead. I still need caffeine so for your own safety, please keep your distance if I give it all up and switch to water only during Lent. 

Sweets: There is only one person in my house who has a major sweet tooth, so there’s not much chance I am going to get caught eating ice cream before dinner. Every so often I am tempted by whatever my mother-in-law has made or something my husband sneaks home. Snickers are my weakness though. Still, I think I can give it up all together. I think.

Social media: I have the iPhone screen time setting to thank for this. I am embarrassed to even admit how much time I spend mindlessly scrolling through these apps.

Work: Ok, extra work. I never give myself a break. Is working yourself to death really a thing? I could be there by the time I am 30. 

The clock: I am a clock-watcher. I count the hours of every day and see how much I can cram in the span of 24 hours…I mean, have you seen my planner? Having a career dictated by deadlines and appointments, I have a hands on compulsion for punctuality. In work, not necessarily in my personal life. (Sorry to all who have been effected by my lateness. It’s hereditary, I think.)

Cooking: Just kidding. I don’t do this anyway but I just had to throw it in there for all of you who tease me about not being able to cook.  Maybe I actually will try cook in the next six weeks...without giving up my favorite restaurants of course.

How wondeful that there is a season to not do more but to do less. May we take advantage of this time and know that God will work through us to bring forth renewed life and maybe a few good habits. Happy Lent!

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