The wind blew, dancing through the trees. The leaves gracefully fell to the ground welcoming in a new season. I sat there, wondering, asking why can’t life be as easy as the color change of deep reds and bright oranges. I came home from work one day, and my mom was sitting under the carport and said to me, “If it isn’t one thing its another one, but the Lord will take care of us.” I nodded in approval of the comment she made, because I too felt the same way. My household has had a rough few weeks. I contemplated the words my mom spoke to me, as the first day of autumn took hold of everything around us. You know, if it isn’t one thing, it always is another one but my mom reminded me that the Lord will take care of us. She’s right. HE will. Maybe the one thing and the “another one” are things the He wants us to go through to learn and grow, or things that we need to go through to have some sort of understanding. That’s the only way I can see it. The Lord has been showing me all sorts of signs this week...from a fortune cookie (yes don’t laugh), to a series on TV we’ve been watching. I decided to eat my feelings one day and gave in to Chinese food. The fortune cookie I got said Angels are watching over you. Lord, thank you for that reminder. I snickered to myself and said thank you Jesus because these carbs and calories need to disappear. In the series we are watching, a pastor’s wife was preaching after he passed away. She talked about becoming new, “Lord make me new!” she said. I got goosebumps and started crying. Lord, I hear you. Hallelujah when the storm is relentless, and hallelujah when everything is alright. We can’t hold on to the past. We can’t hold on to sorrow. Make us new, Lord! Often times we get down in the dumps and question God about what is going on in our lives... He doesn’t give us more than we can’t handle, and when the burden gets too hard to bear, then he will carry you. I know it for a fact because he’s carried me many times. I had to remind myself that I am, no matter what, a child of a kingdom that has a King who loves us and wants the best of everything for us. Jesus died on the cross for past present and future sins. None of us are perfect. We can’t dwell on our flaws. We have to work to fix them.  When you feel broken…hallelujah! When you need guidance...Hallelujah! When nothing is going your way...Hallelujah! When you are sick…Hallelujah! 

I know without a doubt that many things are not ever easy. But I do know, that God is in control and he won’t ever lead me where I cannot prosper, he won’t lead you where you cannot prosper. Sometimes we have to look up and just say LORD make me NEW! And you know what? He’ll do it. He will refresh and renew your spirit. He is our strength and our provider. He’s our healer. He is our GOD. Hallelujah! 

Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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