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My heart broke a little this past weekend and I’m reminded of it everyday. 

While at a children’s birthday party last Saturday, Presley fell and scratched up her face pretty badly. Now I know kids fall all them time and get hurt but this was slightly my fault. 

See what happened was, her and I had just gotten out of the water slide and bounce house to get ready to eat cake so I wrapped her up in her towel. I then proceeded to set her down while I got my towel. 

Well, in the few seconds it took me to wrap my towel around me, she stepped forward in an attempt to wander off and fell face first on the concrete thanks to the straight jacket like towel I had on her. 

Of course the tears and crying were instant on her and almost made an appearance on me when I picked her up to see blood on her face and scratches from her mouth to below her eye. 

Her lip was busted, had many tiny scratches on her cheek, a good cut on her nose and a spot underneath her nostril that was cut up really good. It truly broke my heart to see my kid physically hurt like this.

Now my child being the kid she is stopped pretty abruptly when my best friend offered her a piece of cold watermelon since she wouldn’t keep ice on her face. Of course food would calm down my little social eater! 

To turn things worse on me, when we left the party, Presley and I met Chris at the racetrack to watch some friends race. So not only did I have to explain to Chris how I had a bit of mom fail but wrapping our child up so tight in a towel it became a straight jacket and she fell. I also now had glares and questions from all kinds of people on why my child looked like she had been beaten. 

Chris just of course laughed it off and knew she was fine but he made sure to tease me about it and remind me that she had pictures coming up this past Wednesday. 

There I was again heartbroken while at the racetrack because I had already bought the cute outfit for her to wear for pictures on Wednesday and she has a cut up face. 

Needless to say, Presley took her pictures on Wednesday because most of y’all know me, I’m all about cute pictures of my child. Her face was healing pretty quickly so there were very little cuts left and no bruising but Chris made sure to tell me that we will now forever have a photo of my mom fail. 

It is now a week later and her face is mostly healed up, except for the spot underneath her nose, and she has little to no scar, which I’m thrilled about. 

All in all, the whole situation was a bit learning for me because I now know that when Presley falls again I need to have cold watermelon on hand and she will instantly stop crying. 

It has also shown my how easy it is for this two foot tall person to break my heart. Seeing the sadness in her eyes when I picked her up and knowing there wasn’t a whole lot I could do at that moment was hard. 

She has definitely received lots of extra hugs and cuddles this week since her mommy felt super bad about her falling. She is still the silly little clown and seems to not care that her face was scratched up this week. 

I’m know for sure that this won’t be the last accident with her because she’s a kid and I know her father (it’s surprising he’s never broken a bone). However, I am still not looking forward to those days. 

Also, in writing this it made me come to the realization that she will be two in just six weeks! I guess I need to start planning a party. 

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