The topic of conservation lately is “Transparency”. In the City of Henderson it is very clear! If you want to see the Mayor, City Manager, City Secretary or HEDCO Director just come down to 400 West Main Street.  We are all here and willing to communicate with you.

The ultimate authority in a democratic republic is the Citizen. Knowledge is power and engaged citizens need information. Open records, open meetings and public notices are all found here at City Hall.

City Council meetings are all structured with the “Robert’s Rule of Order” in mind. Meetings are OPEN to the public unless we have to go into executive session. If you need to speak about something at a council meeting just fill out a card to get on the public comment section at the first part of the agenda.

Since this is the beginning of SUNSHINE WEEK we think this is a good time to clear up the fact that government accountability should not be a partisan issue . The need for free and open access applies to all sides and is essential to preventing voter distrust. 

Access to governmental documents and meetings is crucial to the exercise of the First Amendment.

It’s an old saying but it still rings true today. The best disinfectant is sunshine bad things happen in the dark corners, and the attitudes of elected officials can be contagious. Staff members take their cues from the officials above them. Elected officials must take the lead in assuring an honest, open approach to interacting with citizens. Sunshine is contagious. 

Thank you for reading!

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