I remember the day as if it was yesterday even though it has been four weeks. Several of my staff members asked that I get tested for the coronavirus because I had a real deep cough. This was nothing out of the ordinary since I cough when I have a sinus attack.

I was tested and sat in anticipation for two days waiting on the results. The amazing thing is the only symptoms of COVID I had were a cough. A week later I did loose my taste and was weak occasionally. 

Then that much awaited phone call came in as I sat astonished and surprised that my test result was positive. I couldn’t have been more surprised than if I had won the lottery, since I have never played the lottery. 

To say that I was concerned is an understatement since I was a prime candidate to die according to the experts. I was over 65, a long-term diabetic with heart disease. It wasn’t encouraging either when I read in The Henderson News of two former employees who had passed away from COVID but I decided not to allow fear to rule my mind.

After two weeks of quarantine I went back for re-testing only to discover that I still had COVID. Oh, no I thought I don’t think I can make it another week in quarantine I’m about to go crazy. 

Two things I discovered. One, spending three weeks 24/7 inside the house with your spouse can be a test to any marriage. But I passed with flying colors so I guess we can make it another 36 years. Second, I would never be able to be incarcerated. I would probably be one of those who would try to escape. 

Well, at least I’m done with quarantine and since my corona virus case was very mild I feel great and would like to take this opportunity to thank several people.

First, I want to thank Jesus Christ for my healing and the prayers of my family and friends for recovery.

Second, I want to thank my wife Ann for being a great wife and taking care of me during this pandemic even though we had to cancel our only vacation plans for the year.

Third, I want to thank the officers of my company for contacting me multiple times to make sure that the other three employees who tested positive and myself were recovering. 

Fourth, I want to thank my staff for their hard work and dedication to keep the newspaper office running and never missed publishing an issue of the newspaper (we had four employees out with COVID at the same time). I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Fifth, I want to thank Dr. Jeffrey Cahill, my physician who called me after receiving the notice that I had tested positive for the corona virus. What doctor calls their patient unsolicited to see if they can do anything for them? He prescribed two medications that contributed to my quick recovery.

Sixth, I want to thank my neighbors, Glenda and David Bynum for picking up a few groceries for us while being in quarantine and Camille, another neighbor for offering to do the same.

Seventh, I want to thank my dear friend Noble Welch for calling to check on me several times as he offered his services to help.

Eighth, I want to thank David Roberts at the Rusk County Sheriff’s Office for checking on me several times.

It’s a community like Henderson that let’s you know that you can count on them when you are in need. To all I say a great big THANK YOU!

Last but not least, be sure to cast your vote Tuesday if you haven’t already done so. This is the most crucial election of our lifetime.

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <>. © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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