Dan Moore

I must admit that I sure do miss the “good ole days.” I never dreamed that I would ever think that must less say it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m very progressive in my thoughts and actions and usually one of the first to pursue change. Only if it is needed change. But this crazy world today is causing me to rethink my position.

One of my favorite TV series was The Andy Griffith Show. I have seen every episode multiple times in the past 40 years.

The setting is in a North Carolina town called Mayberry. Since I was born and raised in South Carolina I can identify with the show having grown up during that era (the show started in the 1960’s). 

Andy Taylor was the sheriff but never wore a gun except in a few scenes. His deputy Barney Fife wore a gun but was allowed to carry only one bullet that was always in his shirt pocket except for a few scenes as well. 

For the most part guns were not needed in Mayberry because very little crime ever took place there. Today most of the news reported is about some type of crime and usually guns are involved. Today people shoot peace officers for doing their jobs. Multiple students in our schools and colleges have lost their lives because some coward used a gun.

In many episodes you would see Andy, Aunt Bea, Opie and Barney sitting on the front porch sipping ice tea as Andy played the guitar waving to neighbors as they walked by.  Neighbors were friendly and usually got along until Earnest T. Bass came to town. 

Today neighbors don’t even know each other’s names. Many will look at you strange if you wave and usually never speak. I can remember the day in East Texas that your hand would get tired from waving at so many people passing by. 

Doors to houses and cars were never locked and windows were left open all night long with no fear of anyone trying to steal something or harm anyone. Today a security system is a must in our homes. People today who live in the country have to have a locked gate and fence around their property or they might not have any personal possessions when they get home.

Automobiles were simple and easy to work on. Gasoline only cost a few cents a gallon and you didn’t need a computer to repair a car. I remember my first car a Ford Anglia a sub-compact with no air condition cost me about $500. I could fill the entire gas tank for the cost of one gallon of gas today. 

My first date cost ninety cents for both of us to eat. That’s when a hamburger, fry and drink cost only fifteen cents each. At the local steakhouse a steak, baked potato and salad bar cost only a dollar and ninety-nine cents. 

A loaf of bread was fifteen cents and candy cost a penny. I remember when a twelve-ounce bottle of soft drink was only a dime. If you returned the glass bottle you would get some of the money back.

Today the cost of living is greater than it has ever been. We are told that there are shortages of necessities then the price increases drastically. But when the so-called shortage is over the price never decreases. Products are getting smaller and cheaper with prices increasing. Our nation has become a greedy one.

To me life was much better back then and I find myself reminiscing about it often. But since the past is the past I must move on but I still miss the days of Mayberry.

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <publisher@thehendersonnews.com>.

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