God bless this country. I love America, I love democracy, I adore the Constitution. I recognize that I was blessed to be born in a place where my freedoms are inalienable and certain. 

One of the things I love most about our Constitutionally protected freedoms is the right to hold dear any opinion your mind can conjure, and the right to express that opinion ad nauseum. 

I’m ecstatic that you can express yourself in any manner you deem necessary, within reason. 

Say whatever you like, as loud as you like, in any place that you like, as far as I’m concerned. Shout it from the rooftops, whatever “it” is for you. 

Here’s the point where my love for that especially important, antique sheet of autographed paper comes into play.

 A huge step above your freedom of speech, on my hierarchy of things to love, is my freedom to not care at all what anyone else’s opinion might be. Bear in mind, these statements aren’t intended to resemble any person, living or dead. I’m not “calling out” anyone for preaching their truth. This sentiment relates to the girl in the next room, the guy with a megaphone and a sandwich board on the street corner shouting about how nigh the end might be, and even that one guy that gets free room and board in a giant white house. 

I don’t care what you think about gun control. It doesn’t matter whether there are too many, or not enough. Terrible things will happen with a million guns and terrible things will happen with none, so your stance on our freedom to own them means very little. 

 Your thoughts on gay marriage, abortion, or immigration mean nothing in my grand scheme of things. People will marry or they won’t. Babies will be born, or they won’t, and people will come and go beyond any border we create, be it legal or not. Who cares how red-faced any of us get about any of these issues? The ideals you support or oppose, are yours and it’s likely they aren’t mine. 

The important thing that any of us should remember and understand is, love them or hate them, these are our rights. 

The commonality we share comes down to words written ages ago that expressed our ability to do, say, or believe certain things without interference. As a society, we should be concerned about anyone’s attempt to infringe upon those rights...collectively. We should be enraged at the idea that any one of these freedoms could be taken away on anyone’s whim. 

You can hate a gun all day, and want this country emptied of them but when that card falls don’t let yourself think it will stop there. Today it might be guns but tomorrow it will be what church you can attend, and next year it could very well be the right to get out your megaphone and strap on your sandwich board. 

I stand firm in the beginner’s Libertarian credo...give me my rights and leave me alone. Aren’t you glad you are free to not care what I think? 

Now let’s all sing along with Lee Greenwood.


Thank you for Reading!

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