Ronnie Morrison

I read somewhere the other day that “Stress is caused by not enough front porch sittin’ and sweet tea drinking!”

The sweet wife and I love our iced tea and  enjoy sittin’ on the porch. It does stimulate a lot of conversation, and does stimulate a lot of thinking!

Our front porch sittin’ has been limited recently by the heat wave, but we did spend some time there the other morning, mostly watching cars, but we did have a conversation about the changes we have experienced in 50 years of marriage. 

Among the changes most prominent, in recent years, has been the increased use of the internet.  That is oftentimes troubling for us senior adults!  Trying to figure out my password has driven me to porch sittin’ on more than one occasion.

A huge change for us was switching to online banking. We lived for 40 years with our checkbook in hand, but today write only a handful of checks each month. 

We discovered that security is a big issue with  the bankers, and rightfully so! I am glad that they go to so much trouble, but it can be confusing at times.  

We create a password for our account, but at one bank we use, if we don’t log in within a certain time period, we have to go through security questions. Now these are questions that we helped create and provided the answers.

The first time this happened, I of course referred to the sweet wife. 

“Do you remember the middle name of my  third grade teacher?”

“What,” she replied. “Didn’t you write that down?”

“Oh,” says I, meekly. The answer was no.

They also require that I  submit a code after we remember the answer to at least one of the security questions. Now the code is sent to at least one of three destinations. Email address, cell phone or text message.

After all that is done, then and only then, can we be admitted to our own  account.  

They also require that I change my password at least once a quarter and I can’t use any of the past six passwords! However, jumping through all those hoops, does create some interesting exchanges between the sweet wife and me. We were talking about updating passwords on the bank accounts when this popped up: “You created a password. Yes. What is it? In a moment. When will you tell me? I just did. What is it? In a moment.  OK, I can wait. You don’t have to, I just told you. OK. Repeat it. In a moment.”

At that point, the sweet wife realized what I was doing, and replied, “Who’s on first? “I said. “I don’t know,” she quickly replied “Third base.” 

That’s what happens after more than 50 years together. We know each other pretty well. She immediately picked up on the fact that I was trying to make her laugh by launching into the old Abbott and Costello routine, “Who’s on first!” She was not amused at first but did  began to laugh with me. When we regained our composure, I gave her the real password. We laugh a lot.  That is a good thing.  Keeps me from getting into too much trouble!

Back to the subject at hand! Despite all the puzzles we have to work on the internet, it is still convenient to conduct business on line. I also learned that we have to be careful. There are scammers are out there who can send me an email that duplicates the bank website. Generally,  the fake website will have at least one red flag, but you have to look them over carefully. I kind of learned that the hard way!

We live in  a rapidly changing society. Virtually everyone in business has a website. If they don’t, it is easy to fall behind. Google knows everything and there is a device the size of a snuff can connected to the internet that can answer any question, play music, tell time, give directions and serve as an alarm clock!

Amazon, and similar companies, have been, at least, partially responsible for the way we shop. We can order almost anything on line, with pickup spots at the various stores or enjoy delivery right to your door. 

I read recently that restaurants will be concentrating more and more on delivery, as well as, providing a complete menu for inside service.

Because of our apparently changing priorities with regard to food, a new related industry has developed. 

Have you seen the promos and signs in restaurants?

“This establishment uses delivery by Door Dash so you can spend more time doing the things that matter most!”

That is just one example of a delivery company. Door Dash, Postmates, Top Meal, GrubHub, and other like companies, didn’t exist until very recently. They have joined the pizza restaurants in the food delivery game.  

Changes. Coming fast and furious. We will try to stay up, as much as possible. I feel; however, that we will require more and more Porch Sittin’

Until next time.   

Ronnie Morrison is a former Henderson Daily News sports editor who is now a freelance writer and occasional contributor.


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