Tory Van Blarcum

This past week my life has been swept into a whirl wind with a few new challenges.

This week at work I have been semi solo since my favorite co-worker, Ashton, decided to spend a week sitting on a beach. She has been my least favorite person at times this week but I made it through and will continue on. Who knew it how stressful it was to get three newspapers out with minimal help. I’ll be very happy to see her face Monday. 

However Ashton is not what sent this week into said whirl wind; no my parents are. 

The day I have wished that wouldn’t come arrived this past Tuesday. The day my parents move back to Corpus Christi permanently. 

My Memorial Day weekend wasn’t nearly as relaxing as it should of been. I spent each day at my parents house helping them pack. It was in those moments of cleaning out mom’s closet that I realized this was really happening. They were really leaving East Texas and their children. 

I know some people are probably thinking that I’m 24 years old and I should be fine with my parents leaving but when you’re as close as we are it’s difficult. 

When I decided to come to East Texas for college I was so excited to move because I was going to be on my own away from my family. I never thought the day would come that I would want them here with me. 

I spend almost every weekend at their house even if it’s just sitting on the couch. Now they still own the house so that my brother, sister and niece have somewhere to live but most of their stuff is gone. 

I haven’t lived in their home for six years but they have always been just down the road from me. Now that road is about 400 miles long before I reach their doorstep.

I started to rely on them not just for help with Presley but for someone to just spend time with. We have many rocky times but I am truly missing them.

My parents plan on visiting often but I know it will not be the same. Instead of sporadic visits when I just show up to their house, it will now be planned when they come up here. 

I know it is part of life but I have truly loved having them so close to me. 

Presley has grown so close to them and I am truly thankful that we have technology we do so that she can Facetime them. She has been Facetiming them for a while now when we can’t go to their house so she’s use to it.

I think what will be most challenging not just for me but my siblings, too, is continuing to spend time together as a family. We would normally have family dinner every Sunday because that is what mom and dad wanted.

However, we don’t all get along so well because we are all four very stubborn people.

I know we will all come together as far as Presley and my niece are concerned but we will have to wait and see about anything else. 

My life has been flipped upside down but I am making it through it. I have been thankful this week that I have Presley because she shows me daily that every challenge I face is worth it.

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