It wasn’t until Donald Trump became President that the term “Fake News” became popular. Here we are three years later and the term is more popular than ever.

As we get closer to the 2020 elections all liberal networks, most cable news channels, many print, and online newspapers, late-night TV shows, and movie stars are doing everything they can to give President Trump negative publicity. Why? Because they know that he would win the election hands down on a level playing field.

Anybody with common sense should be able to recognize that most, if not all, that the mainstream media reports about  President Trump is slanted and not the whole story at all.

I should know since I have been a journalist for over 22 years and have watched, listened and read news from every imaginable media available today. 

Journalism 101 teaches new journalists to give both sides of the story when reporting and never insert your own opinion. It’s supposed to be reporting not an opinion or editorial such as this. That is why this column appears on the Op-Ed page.

I get so frustrated when I watch network news every night as they give commentary rather than just report the news, as a real journalist should do. There’s no doubt that network news is either owned or operated by liberal Democrats. Their number one goal is to convince the public that President Trump must be removed from office and they will lie, distort and misinform their audience to accomplish their mission.

To help their cause they only give part of the story and most of it is out of context, that’s what liberals do, not a real journalist. As a result of their unethical behavior, they have created unnecessary division in our nation not seen in years. All because of their “Fake News.”

What makes me such an expert on this issue? Because for the past ten years the entire newspaper industry has been affected by “Fake News”, we just never thought to call it that. For years most newspaper journalists would never attempt to mislead their readers that’s why it was and still is the most trusted media source today.

For years competing media jumped on the bandwagon in an attempt to mislead the public that the newspaper industry was dying and that nobody reads newspapers anymore. That’s nothing more than “Fake News.” As a result of this lie, many local newspapers have had to close their doors, cut back on their frequency and even lay off employees.

If anyone reading this column has embraced this lie that newspapers are dead then why don’t you come to our office and spend the day listening to newspaper readers if they don’t get their newspaper or get it late or better yet allow us to put your name and phone number in the paper for readers to call with their complaints.

Those businesses that have believed the lie that newspapers are dead should have sat outside our office watching the people all day buying a newspaper on the eve of Thanksgiving, just for the advertisements. I wonder how much money local businesses lost by not advertising in their local newspaper during the holiday.

What the “Fake News” crowd won’t tell you is that newspaper readers have changed the way they consume their news. Take The Henderson News, for example, we have over three times the number of online readers than we have print readers. That’s in addition to, not in place of our print edition. Our current readership is greater than when we were a daily newspaper.

My friend newspapers are not dead they are still meeting the needs of their readers as they have for over two centuries, longer than any other media.

Believe me, “Fake News” is very much alive. So, Mr. President, hang in there for there are still enough Americans with enough common sense that know the difference between real news and fake news and all the “Fake News” media will realize it come November 2020.


Thank you for reading!

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