1. believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.


Any followers of the Cult of Amber already realize that I don’t enjoy humanity over muchly. People, as a whole, are the most annoying beings. We say ridiculous things, we make stupid decisions, we destroy everything in our path. We’re ignorant, disgusting, wasteful creatures. 

Out of the plethora of things I loathe, I don’t know if there’s a single other thing that crawls in my craw worse than people who act as though the world owes them something.

The holiday season has rekindled the sparks of anger smoldering in my soul but, truthfully, entitlement never goes away. I see it more frequently this time of year, what with the millions of primary school educated individuals stomping their tiny, spoiled feet for an iPhone 11. Half of these little Veruca Salt imposters can’t even spell phone but they must have one.

The sickest point of all is that most of them will actually get one. I’m a fully grown, employed adult and I can’t afford any version of the devil’s cellular device so what business do 7-year olds have walking around with Air Pods and Apple watches.

Are you letting your kids set up their own playdates, Karen? Is Selfie-taking 101 part of the new curriculum? Who needs cursive as long as you understand the intricacies of a good duck face. 

Stop it...

The coal and switch industries should be trading publicly on the stock market right now because the Dow Jones Industrial couldn’t handle the growth if these people were given what they deserve. 

The gift expecting season does fan the embers but doesn’t ignite the flame all on its own. I wish it were that simple. 

This false sense of entitlement is becoming a way of the world. Most people genuinely feel this way. 

It’s not even solely a Millenial thing. I know Baby Boomers from all around are disagreeing with me right this moment but you’ll need to trust my wisdom. 

I’ve recently had Boomers make ridiculous demands of my time. It was obvious that this auld yin really believed that my time and my talents were hers to command. They’re barely my own to command much less pull more moments out of my day to chase down a scrap of information for a demanding voice at the end of a phone line. 

What have any of us ever done to merit being given a single thing just because we exist? What’s so great about you? I ask about you because I don’t labor under the notion that anybody owes me anything. I suck as a human person so I don’t think anybody is going to fall over themselves giving me things. 

Transversely, what has ever been done to you that you should assume you are owed anything? What struggle have you lived through that you didn’t inflict upon yourself? Has life been so terrible to you that you deserve to snatch freebies out of thin air? If you say yes, I can recommend an excellent counselor but, be warned, they aren’t going to give you their service free of charge.

We’re all riding the same struggle bus. Some of us are riding closer to the exhaust but we’re all on it. Your seat is no  uncomfortable than mine and even if it is you still don’t have the right to make demands.

If I ask, “Who do you think you are?” and you feel offended then I’m probably referring to you. 

If you think I should perform any task for you and you don’t live in my household, share my bloodline, or sign my paychecks, then I’m definitely talking to you. 

Get it together Karen. The world doesn’t owe you jack. 

Amber Lollar is the reporter for The Henderson News. Her e-mail address is <>.

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