I can never express enough that I am not a Republican, nor am I a Trump supporter. Neither am I a Democrat, and I guarantee ole neck-sniffing Biden won’t be getting my vote. 

My nonpartisan annoyance lies with the millions of Facebook politicians.

I’ve been bombarded for the past week with post after post and meme after falsely-narrated meme about Trump dismantling the United States Postal Service. 

That’s a bit like bolting the barn door after the horse is long gone, isn’t it? 

How quickly you all forgot about all of those videos of postal employees throwing away entire flats of mail all across the country. Can’t you remember how enraged you all were when that stiff blue suit walked up to that dumpster and started tossing your birthday cards, bills, utility payments, and social security checks? I can because the feeling never left. I’ve carried the weight of this disdain for ages. 

The USPS has been a failing entity for years, yet you all can’t wait to drop your absentee ballots into those rusted blue monstrosities. President Spray Tan isn’t trying to stop you from voting, he’s trying to make sure voting is fair and functioning. 

Are you really comfortable with 3% of the nation’s mail-in ballots being lost, destroyed, or overlooked? Do you think the election would be fair for any party involved knowing that more than 11 million votes stand to be unaccounted for? It’s a bit daunting to see what that tiny little 3% turns into if you feed it after midnight, huh? Would you still put that ballot in the mailbox and lift that red flag if you knew that it would be your vote that vanished?

I’ve had nearly a decade of first-hand experience working with the Postal Service and I can tell you changes are long overdue. They have been hemorrhaging money for years and you’ve complained about the customer service, the cost, and the delivery times; you just forgot. We’ve all griped about them, so there’s no sense denying it. 

You’re vexed because DeJoy took away some sorting machines? Have you seen what those things do to half the letters that run through them? I have, it’s not pretty, and to rub salt in that open wound you’ll still get your rubber-encrusted, tread-marked, shredded envelope, in a clear plastic wrapper, or a couple dozen layers of Saran Wrap, that so elegantly expresses how much they care about your delivery experience. 

Heck, I’m still waiting for a pair of wedge booties I ordered like three years ago. I guess those boots were made for walking because they skipped right out of the Shreveport sorting facility. 

I’ve borne witness to hard-cover books being ripped in half by sorting machines and sent on to the recipient in that state. I’ve seen more ripped and empty envelopes than I can even count. I have personally argued with USPS staff about missing items that they claim to have delivered. I, myself, have watched a carrier pick up a package only to have it disappear without being scanned into the USPS tracking system. These postal blunders have an incredible effect on an eBay rating and quickly destroyed a decent side-hustle. 

When was that last time you didn’t get a soul-deep stank face when you made it into the lobby before they closed? I know that customer service isn’t a “thing” anymore but for that kind of money, you can at least pretend you don’t hate your job, or me. 

I know some of you are afraid to go stand in a line to vote in-person, the way it was intended. 

A small portion of you have grounds to be afraid, I won’t deny that fact. I will; however, point out that you’ve probably stood in the check-out line at some big box store and sneered at some non-mask wearing Karen behind the safety of your fashionable mask, shield, and goggle combination. 

I bet you’ve gotten bored in your shelter-in-place bubble and dashed into Lowes or Home Depot to grab some paint or something equally DIY. You can admit it, no one’s looking. 

You’ll probably interact with significantly fewer people waiting in a voting line.

Realistically, what’s the difference between braving the COVID-infected masses for Cap’N Crunch and chalk paint and standing in a socially-distanced line to exercise your rights? 

Oh, forgive me, I know the difference. It’s that you actually care about the Crunchberries and Pinterest projects while your 6-month-old fear of the ‘Rona has taken priority over your rights. 

Amber Lollar is the reporter for The Henderson News. Her e-mail address is <>. © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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