Here we are at the end of the worst snow and ice storm that I have ever experienced in Texas. For four and a half days the roads have been dangerous with most businesses closed. Actually the only other event like this that I have experienced was when I celebrated my sixteenth birthday in South Carolina, my home state.

Being the smart teenager that I was having lived on a dirt road in the county for many years I wasn’t going to let a ice storm interfere with my birthday. So, my brothers and I decided that we would fill up a washtub with water take it outside and bob for apples. Bad idea our faces nearly froze and we never were able to catch one of those apples with our teeth. 

The events that took place this week were a challenge for even a country boy. As I ventured out into the bitter cold on my journey to work every morning I was amazed at how many people actually was as brave or stupid as I was. Most of the vehicles on the roads were four-wheel drive trucks.

It was obvious that most of the drivers were East Texas country boys. They feared nothing at all. It didn’t take long to recognize those that wished they were country boys their driving gave them away. As I observed these trucks I cautiously drove behind them in my car. Yes, I said car. You are probably thinking right now that I was stupid for trying to drive a car with six inches of snow and who knows how much ice covered the roads.

What you may not know is that I am actually a full blood country boy and could probably run with the big dogs if I had a truck. But in my line of work I have to have a car and dress the part of a city slicker. 

My experience runs deep in driving during inclement weather such as we have had this week. As I said earlier I was raised as a country boy living most of my childhood and teenage years on a dirt road. So I learned how to drive in mud, snow and ice during the winters.

I learned years ago that in this type of weather you must know how to stay in the ruts, how to brake and how to accelerate and decelerate. Slower speed is another key component when driving in inclement weather.

I have to admit that it looked strange Friday morning as I traveled to Kilgore in my car to pick up a couple of employees that had to be at work in order to get the newspaper out. Here I am in a car on the road with mostly trucks all around me. Those driving those trucks where probably thinking to themselves how is that car navigating through this mess and even passing us. I must say it sure did feel good getting through this mess while others were amazed.

What they didn’t know is that I’m just a country boy that knows how to survive and it sure doesn’t hurt to have an all-wheel drive car.

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