Forgetting something important on your daily routine has turned from a portfolio folder to a face covering. They told us it’s for our own good. We locked the doors. Didn’t go anywhere past a certain time. Sent one person from the house to do the shopping. We MUST wear a mask to go inside places. We now have to use our debit cards because there is a “coin shortage’. Toilet paper is scarce, even still today. It feels like the Hunger Games for some reason, and we’re getting ready to pick our districts.  They sent us all what I’d like to say is hush money (which was nice, but really what it is), that was practically ours in the first place that Uncle Sam took from us. But we continue to be little helpless sheep, little by little prancing carelessly to what will be our demise.  Wake up sheep! 

I don’t buy any of this bull. Sure, there’s a virus making people sick. But in just a couple of short months, we’ve allowed the government to turn us into a socialist country. We’ve allowed them to tell us what is good for us and no one questions it. We’ve allowed them to literally tell us what to do. 

What’s next? A vaccine? Sure, but then you’ll have to show an ID card showing you received the vaccine to be allowed in any given place now. Don’t have one, then you can’t go inside. 

We are being led blindly into whatever is going on behind the scenes. 

Those masks, I am sorry to say, don’t help. You can take a can of any kind of spray, and spray it through one of those masks and see just how much comes out through the other side. Not to mention, the side of the box even warns that the mask won’t prevent the contraction of any virus. It is inevitable to completely keep yourself safe from a virus. PERIOD. Someway, somehow you will come in contact with it. Your mail. Your groceries. A handle of a door at a gas station.  

Pull the wool from over your eyes. Why isn’t anyone questioning authority? We have the right to question. If you are in your office because the public elected you to be there, then you have an obligation to answer those questions. People don’t want to think about it, because like all other problems if you don’t think about it then it just magically goes away. 

Stop letting the government tell you what to do. It is against your rights to make you do anything to receive service or shop somewhere. If you want to wear a mask then fine. But if we follow these social distance rules, then aren’t we far enough away from each other to not need a mask? Your guess is as good as mine. 

I’m not big on conspiracy theories, but something is going on behind the red curtain, and someone is pulling those puppet strings. 

Just because that clown on that scary movie has some pretty balloons or a $2,400 check down there where he lives, doesn’t mean it is going to end well.  Our economy can’t handle more shutdowns. It seems like they want to harm the economy, they want us to rely on them. We choose who are in those offices on the big hill. We choose who are in the offices of our state capital. We choose who sits in the Governors position.  The government is supposed to be for the people, by the people. All of the young little snots that don’t care about what’s going on need to wake up, and realize that. You have a voice. Use it. You have a right to vote. USE IT. 

As you sit here and think that everything will just be okay, remember that over 5 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, because people didn’t question authority, and “didn’t think about it, because it would just go away.”  

All of these protests and Black Lives Matter movements are cover ups and distractions, hiding whatever it is coming next. Who do you think owns the big TV news corporations, you can research that for yourself. 

I am telling you today, that none of this is just going to GO AWAY. Not thinking about it and letting the wolves decide for us it not going to fix anything. We aren’t living in a Snow White fairytale, if we are it’s the Grimm’s version. I challenge those of us under the age of 40 to wake up and get political. Use your mind and decide. Voice your opinion, write to your local congressman and representatives. Call them out. Make them work for you! 

 And if we don’t keep those in elected offices held accountable, and get people thinking and using their common sense, our country is going to go to hell in a handbasket rather quickly. We are already sitting in the basket, they’re just waiting on the ok to send it down. 

Ben Marmolejo-Najera is the graphic designer for The Henderson News. His email is© 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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