These past few weeks have been eventful, stressful, chaotic and much more. 

Since June 17, I have been working mainly by myself putting out editorial content for our newspaper. I never realized until I did it, how hard it is for one person. 

The amount of time that goes into this twice a week paper is unreal. From taking every phone call that is for this department to typing all the stories and putting everything on the pages so it looks like what is infront of you now, it is a large load of work.

I am extremely happy to have some help starting on July 3. 

I have had some help from my great co-workers but I am one of those people that would rather just do it then show you how to do it. So I’ve done it all and then some.

I think my stress levels would have been lower had my co-worker leaving not been in June, since our annual Progress editions come out in June, the editorial work load increases.

Finishing this paper Friday evening was a huge relief for me. Not only was it the last Progress edition but it was also the end of an insane week. 

Wednesday morning, our printing press died! Something broke in it (I’m still not sure what) and it had no eclectically running through it. 

After hours of working on everything I was unsure how our wonderful readers were going to get to see the products we had worked so hard on. 

Thanks to Longview having a printing press we were able to squeeze into their schedule and get printed there. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to get here at 3 a.m. like my boss and fellow co-workers who insert and throw the papers. 

So by Thursday afternoon, everyone had their papers but the press was still broken. 

The press was revived and running again by late afternoon thanks to another electrician. 

The amount of phone calls and visitors Thursday morning blew my mind. All for the same reason - “we didn’t get our Wednesday paper.” 

Although it has been a crazy few weeks, especially this one, it made me proud of all my hard work because this many people were concerned about reading their hometown news. 

I am a huge critic of myself and first to say it doesn’t look good no matter what I am told. So these last few weeks of being by myself in this empty editorial department have been hard on me. I look at the products I put out and think of all the things Ashton would have done differently or how it could look better. 

After those calls and visits Thursday I felt relief that even though I don’t like the look or the wording of something our faithful readers still read every issue. 

So thank you to those who have stuck with me in these crazy few weeks as I know some things have been different. 

I am truly ready for some help and a day off.  

Tory Van Blarcum is reporter for TheHenderson News. Her e-mail address is <>

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