Coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci said last week that for perfect protection against the dreaded COVID-19 virus that has crippled our nation we need to wear eye goggles.

That’s right you heard me correctly wear eye goggles.

Isn’t he the one that said we should disinfect everything? Isn’t he the one that said we should sanitize everything? Isn’t he the one that said we should never shake hands anymore? Isn’t he the one that said social distancing is necessary? Isn’t he the one that said we must wear masks?

If things aren’t weird enough he is now insinuating that we all wear eye goggles for perfect protection. I can see it right now, everyone walking around in stores, restaurants and everywhere we go with their mask and eye goggles on. It would appear that we had just arrived in town from the Sahara Desert returning from a major dust storm. Are we becoming the twenty-second century planet of the weirdoes? 

I guess since the disinfectant, sanitizer and facemasks companies have gotten rich the eye goggle companies figured they should be next. When this doesn’t work the next great idea will probably be earplugs since that is the last opening left in our head that the virus might enter into our bodies. Then the earplug companies can get rich as well.

If I appear to be skeptical it’s because I am. I’m convinced if this wasn’t an election year things would be much different. If it wasn’t for politics we might have a cure by now. But on second thought probably not. The Democrats could not bear the thought of a cure on President Trump’s watch with an election less than 90 days away.

If I sound frustrated it’s because I am. If the experts spent as much time figuring out how to cure this virus as they have disrupting our lives and making companies rich from things that has not stopped the virus we would have a lot more money in our pockets and a much needed normal lifestyle.

Don’t expect me to accept this as the “new normal” as some would like for us to believe. I’m too old and cantankerous at this stage of my life to give in. I’ve lived through the measles, flu, pneumonia, two stints, pacemaker and a 30 plus year veteran as a diabetic without all this so-called new normal stuff and I’m doing just fine.

Leaders keep saying it’s China’s fault. Who cares whose fault it is let’s get a cure and stop all these mandates that are not working. People’s patience is wearing thin, including my own. We need action and not another debate. It’s time to quit talking and resisting and start doing something about the problem.

Some say that Hydroxycloroquine, a drug that has been around for years to treat Malaria, would help treat the Coronavirus but others disagree. It looks like those that disagree are winning the battle. Why would they want those who are dying to use a drug that the medical profession is aware of that is super cheap when the pharmaceutical companies can get rich from a brand new drug? After all the majority of the TV commercials today are about new pharmaceutical drugs.

I challenge you to go to goodrx.com and check out the prices on these new drugs. I did last week and a drug that was advertised that I could desperately use cost as little as $8,200 for a 30-day supply and as much as $11,000 for the same 30-day supply. You guessed it I won’t be using that drug in my lifetime.

Just imagine when a drug for the Coronavirus is found what it will cost? The government had better be prepared for another stimulus package to pay the pharmaceutical company.

After we have been forced to use goggles, earplugs the only other thing left that would possibly give us complete protection is a HAZMAT suit. I better not say that to loud or the experts will think that is an excellent idea. The only problem with that is who can afford one? Certainly not the millions out of work while the experts keep drawing a paycheck.

But wait! The Democrats and some Republicans will come up with another lame brain stimulus package to pay for the HAZMAT suits, while at the same time helping fund their wish list or campaign promises. They don’t care about the American people all they care about is winning the election so that they can push socialistic agendas down our throats.

Well, only time will tell if our next mandate will be goggles, earplugs or a HAZMAT suit at least we will be prepared to move to another planet where no intelligent life exists. Better yet why don’t we stand up and fight for the planet we currently live on?

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <publisher@thehendersonnews.com>. © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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