This will no doubt be a Mother’s Day like no other because of the coronavirus. Our past celebrations to honor our mothers will be totally different. We won’t be able to gather as a large family or go out to eat in a large group. Those mothers in a nursing facility or hospital will not be allowed visitors. For most mothers this will be overwhelming since Mother’s Day is the most important of all special days for most of them.

Special prayers need to go out to all those families who lost their mothers as a result of this horrible virus. This will be a tremendous day of mourning for them. It will be a day that most will never forget.

Our family celebrated Mother’s Day every year while my mother was alive. Even though my mother passed away about seven years ago I still miss her, especially on Mother’s Day. 

Most of our lives growing up were spent in the country. I’m talking about the kind of country where the dirt road was almost inaccessible during the rainy season. Soybean fields were in front of us, cotton fields on one side, hay fields on the other side and pastures behind us.

Needless to say, we never addressed mom as mother. That was the way a girl or city slicker addressed their mother. We just simply called her mom or mama. We learned the hard way never to address her as ma. That was, too country even for her.

My mother was super special and left a lasting legacy in her children like no other. You see, my mom had three boys and no girls;  therefore, she made sure that we knew how to take care of ourselves.

She worked very hard as a seamstress sewing in a production line and did so until she retired. She was a hard working woman and made sure that her three boys did the same.

Our chores consisted of cooking and washing dishes by hand, we didn’t own a dishwasher until we grew up and moved out. She taught us how to wash clothes and hang them on the clothesline outside since we didn’t own a dryer either. We knew how to make up the beds, clean the house and the list goes on.

Even to this day my brothers and I are capable of doing everything around the house as any female would be able to. Mom wouldn’t have it any other way.

Don’t get me wrong she also taught us how to slop the hogs, feed the cows and horses. Gather eggs and clean out the chicken coop as well as cut the grass and many other outdoor chores. Remember, we lived in the country.

As I look back that was a lot of work for an allowance of twenty-five cents per week. As we grew older we did chores for her not for the money, after all mom was worth it.

Yep! Mom was special and I owe all I am today to her. She taught me manners, respect for others, integrity, and work ethics. When I was disobedient she also taught me what it felt like to feel the end of a fresh green switch.

Mom died proud of the three sons she raised and let us know often. Even during her last days she made sure that we called her every two weeks and especially on Mother’s Day and we had better not be late or she would tell us, “Son, you’re late.”

So, husbands and children figure out a way to make Mother’s Day even more special this year. It may take a little creativity but believe me she is worth it. It will be a honor she will never forget.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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