One of the greatest days in recent history took place on Saturday September 26, 2020. There were two Christian events held at the Washington Mall at our nation’s capital to unite people in prayer and repentance for our nation. I was thrilled to see the Church finally get outside their walls and take Christianity to the streets of our nation.

One event was called the Prayer March led by Franklin Graham, son of the late Reverend Billy Graham. For several hours thousands marched to various locations in Washington D.C. to pray and repent for our nation. 

The Second event was called The Return and was led by Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. It was stated that approximately 50,000 people showed up to support the event that included prayer, repentance and a powerful sermon of what the Bible says about the conditions of our present day.

I’m sad to say that the only media that covered the event was Christian media and The Washington Post. Other than the Post I have not been able to find any information on Google where any other secular media covered the events live or reported that the events even took place. 

They wasted no time bombarding ours lives with reports on destructive protests, lawlessness and how President Trump is to blame. Night after night, day after day that is all you could see, hear or read as if there is no hope for America.

Then one day that could possibly be the answer to all our problems was totally ignored by the media. I dare say not many people other than a few committed Christians even knew about the pray and repent events held for our nation.

These evens portrayed unity, people gathering to pray and repent for the sins of our nation because they knew the answer isn’t in any political party but God, yet that wasn’t important enough for our secular media to cover and in most cases not even mention it. 

I watched both events on Christian TV that Saturday. You could see thousands of people bowing to the ground praying and repenting. Many were gathering in small groups with hands clasped doing the same. They came from far and near because they love thier nation and don’t want to see judgment come to it.

It was obvious that they believed the theme of the events “And My people who are called by my name humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven will forgive their sin and heal their land” (II Chronicles 7:14 NASB).

These Christians took their time and spent their money to gather together to pray for the condition of our nation with hopes to intervene for what the Bible calls unrepentant sins that will usher in God’s Divine Judgment. Many believe that we are already in the beginning stages of that prophecy. Only time will tell.

No matter what your Christian beliefs are there is one thing absolute, the truth of God’s Word, the Bible and He is the only answer for our nation today, not politics. So remember this when you vote for the president, senate and house in this coming election. Whoever wins will implement their agenda whether it’s conservative or liberal, right or wrong.

Are you as a conservative ready for liberalism? If the liberals are elected you can be sure that your Christian values and beliefs will be attacked as it was in the first century Church. If you don’t believe me then watch the upcoming judicial hearings coming up as the liberals try and keep a conservative judge off the bench.

This coming election is not about Republicans or Democrats occupying the Whitehouse, Senate and House. It’s about keeping America a conservative nation or surrendering it over to liberalism. Only you can decide that with your vote. So get out and vote, early voting begins Tuesday October 13.

Dan Moore is editor and publisher of The Henderson News. His e-mail address is <publisher@thehendersonnews.com>. © 2020, Henderson Newspapers Inc.

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