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It is no accident that corruption tends to come with power.  Many of us are familiar with Lord Acton’s famous statement, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Power that corrupts is not necessarily the exercise of authority but the exercise of unaccountable autho…

Originally, this opinion piece was supposed to be written about the benefits of the Freedom of Information Act, but with recent events, I thought I should write a few words about COVID-19. First, I would like to thank the professional caregivers and medical staff tending to the public’s need…

The topic of conservation lately is “Transparency”. In the City of Henderson it is very clear! If you want to see the Mayor, City Manager, City Secretary or HEDCO Director just come down to 400 West Main Street.  We are all here and willing to communicate with you.

Remember mud pies? Remember drinking from the boiling hot water hose in the middle of a busy summer play day? Red Rover, Ring around the Roses, Duck Duck Goose; remember those things? 

Here we go again. This weekend time will shift one hour ahead as we complete the nonsensical ritual of changing our clocks to observe daylight saving time.

Have you ever looked in the mirror, and saw someone staring back at you, wondering who that person in the mirror is…or was?

In 1969 the movie Over-the-Hill-Gang premiered featuring a young newspaper editor and four aging Texas Rangers. The moral of the story is that these four men although old and considered to be over-the-hill helped the young editor accomplish his mission. These ‘ole timers were key to the edit…

I’m not an overly political person. As a general rule, I don’t concern myself with matters of country, state, county, or city. I just live my life.

The Houston Astros just didn’t step into a quagmire; they jumped in with both feet and clean up to their collective hips.

It wasn’t until Donald Trump became President that the term “Fake News” became popular. Here we are three years later and the term is more popular than ever.

Thanks have been given. The turkey is nothing but an emaciated carcass, literally, skin and bones. All that’s left of the dressing are those little egg bits that eventually turn to Goodrich worthy rubber.

Imagine a treasure box, full of pearls, shiny chunks of emeralds, diamonds, sapphires; surrounded by golden coins. You’ve searched for what seems ages, and you finally found shiny things you were so eager to touch, to see and to have as  your own. When in the very beginning, the  treasure wa…

The sweet wife and I have a bird feeder. We also have a bird bath and recently added two hummingbird feeders. 

History. It has a prickly way of repeating itself, sometimes in a vicious cycle, and other times in the best way. History is definitley something we should pay attention to and learn what we can from it. 

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. I loved the sentiment when Semisonic sang it, in my youth, and it feels applicable, even today. 

About 30 years ago in Clear Lake, Texas, I said in this column there was a tear in the moral fabric of this great nation of ours; that the current generation was not being as responsible as the previous. There was going to be a price to pay down the road. 

The sweet wife and I took a vacation recently. It was her birthday wish to head to the beach, her happy place! So we did, driving way east, driving through Alabama, where I proudly wore my Texas A&M cap, thankfully without incident! We had a great time, but alas, it was time to return to…

According to custom and tradition, the colors in our flag represent the following: red signifies hardiness and valor, white purity and innocence, and blue signifies vigilance, perseverance and justice.

Not sure how I truly want to begin this column this week so if this feels a little bit rambly, I apologize. I don’t have a whole lot to talk about right now except for my usual topic of Presley. 

It was a Tuesday in 2001 while putting the final touches on the newspaper before sending it to the press I heard a loud voice calling me from the front of the building, “I want to see Moore not less.” This was how a local retired doctor would address me.

Step away from the Clorox wipes. Put down that bar of soap. Throw away that hand sanitizer! Why are we all so obsessed with scrubbing every available surface until it gleams in disinfected splendor? Let some things just be gross. Go swim in a pond, let your kids play in the mud. Don’t lose y…