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Many on the left and their willing accomplices in the media would tell you otherwise, yet a cursory examination of our nation’s factual history and records proves the riots and chaos that have swept across our country in recent months stand as a devastating reminder of the racist policies an…

Forgetting something important on your daily routine has turned from a portfolio folder to a face covering. They told us it’s for our own good. We locked the doors. Didn’t go anywhere past a certain time. Sent one person from the house to do the shopping. We MUST wear a mask to go inside pla…

For four months experts and governmental leaders have tried to convince us they have the answers to curb or stop the corona virus from spreading so they recommend or mandate certain requirements for us to follow. So far they have been wrong. Let me explain.

I’ve never in my unwaveringly annoyed life been closer to a public tantrum. 

Life is like a game of chess. Some of us born as Kings and Queens, some born as pawns, that work our way up to being noble knights. 

It’s officially been ten years since my family’s matriarch left us behind to travel on to Glory. Those of you that truly know me probably knew her, and you can guess at the sizable hole the loss of a woman like that leaves on the spirit and soul of a family. The mold was pulverized when He m…

I’ve struggled this week to think of exactly what I wanted to reflect on in this space of ink and paper. But nothing else but what is going on here in the U.S. today kept coming to my mind. 

In the Bible you will read many times that when the people of God were in danger there would be a blowing of a trumpet to warn them. Is it time to blow the trumpet in Zion? Is the Church in danger of losing their constitutional rights?

My levels of anxiety tend to lean my moods in the direction of melodrama or outright panic, so I take my own struggles lightly as I recognize the ridiculousness of my individual psychoses. 

About three years ago when we first moved into our house in Kilgore we found a little note. 

This will no doubt be a Mother’s Day like no other because of the coronavirus. Our past celebrations to honor our mothers will be totally different. We won’t be able to gather as a large family or go out to eat in a large group. Those mothers in a nursing facility or hospital will not be all…

I can see the panic in your eyes, just over the edge of your homemade, cactus-printed mask. I can hear the squeak of your latex-gloved hands wringing. I can smell your fear and it reeks of Lysol and hand sanitizer. 

Does anyone remember the rat, Templeton, on Charlotte’s Web? Specifically, the scene where he is having a smorgasbord and eating everything at the fair. Well, my mind felt like that earlier this week. Our household started the Keto diet Monday, and let’s just say it has been a long week. 

It doesn’t matter what newscast you watch, radio show you listen to, printed news source you read or Facebook post you follow, all will have different opinions concerning COVID-19 and its effects on the American economy.

While this pandemic, and all of the ridiculousness that’s ensued, has sapped my will to live I have discovered some things about myself and those around me during this most trying time. 

A couple of weeks ago I stood in shock as I tried to find one of my favorite snacks, MoonPies. There was not one single box on the shelf so I proceeded to walk down other isles only to find none.

It is no accident that corruption tends to come with power.  Many of us are familiar with Lord Acton’s famous statement, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  Power that corrupts is not necessarily the exercise of authority but the exercise of unaccountable autho…

Originally, this opinion piece was supposed to be written about the benefits of the Freedom of Information Act, but with recent events, I thought I should write a few words about COVID-19. First, I would like to thank the professional caregivers and medical staff tending to the public’s need…

The topic of conservation lately is “Transparency”. In the City of Henderson it is very clear! If you want to see the Mayor, City Manager, City Secretary or HEDCO Director just come down to 400 West Main Street.  We are all here and willing to communicate with you.

Remember mud pies? Remember drinking from the boiling hot water hose in the middle of a busy summer play day? Red Rover, Ring around the Roses, Duck Duck Goose; remember those things? 

Here we go again. This weekend time will shift one hour ahead as we complete the nonsensical ritual of changing our clocks to observe daylight saving time.

Have you ever looked in the mirror, and saw someone staring back at you, wondering who that person in the mirror is…or was?

In 1969 the movie Over-the-Hill-Gang premiered featuring a young newspaper editor and four aging Texas Rangers. The moral of the story is that these four men although old and considered to be over-the-hill helped the young editor accomplish his mission. These ‘ole timers were key to the edit…

I’m not an overly political person. As a general rule, I don’t concern myself with matters of country, state, county, or city. I just live my life.

The Houston Astros just didn’t step into a quagmire; they jumped in with both feet and clean up to their collective hips.