Yellow Rose Canyon, formerly known as Durango’s Canyon, celebrated its grand opening Saturday, July 17, with a loosely packed crowd and mellow musical guests. 

While the night was hot and muggy, the vibe from the stage and the crowd was mellow and relaxed. Families spread out on blankets near the stage while others sat staggered along the crater’s rim enjoying the cool country sounds of Abraham Alexander, Matt ‘The Cat’ Hillyer, Black Sunday, and The Vandoliers. 

The crew of new owners and investors headed by Oliver Peck, reality TV star with 13 successful seasons as one of three primary judges on Ink Masters, are excited to reinvigorate the venue’s reputation within the community and make it a more family-friendly environment. 

Having visited the venue a few times during its heyday with good friend and Henderson native Randy “Chemical Randy” Hoepker, Peck enjoyed the sprawling expanse offered at the Canyon and the natural amphitheater. Looking to bring a California-based show to the Texas area, Peck remembered his visits to the venue and quickly decided it would be the ideal spot to host the event. He and Hoepker made the scenic trip out to the venue, where they got a huge surprise. 

“This is perfect for the event we want to do,” said Peck. “It’s beautiful, out in the country, camping, stage for music, and during the tour they mentioned that the place was going up for sale.” 

“We talked to some financial people, got our six partners together and we were able to swing it,” he said.

With the help of Deep Ellum restauranteur and girlfriend Audra Cabral, Henderson native Randy Hoepker, Ryan Pederson, the barbeque guy, and Heath Watson, Peck was able to secure the funding and take over the canyon. 

Events can be expected once a month as the group will be open to promotors while bringing their own fresh, family-friendly ideas. 

“You could have a wedding out here,” said Peck, “ you could have a concert out here, you can have an event out here. If you watch the old commercial about Durango’s Canyon, all the things they say that it used to be able to do, we want to be able to do those things again.” 

“Everything we do, event-wise, is family-oriented good clean country music, we like a little bit of rock and roll, and we love it out here,” he said. “We couldn’t be more excited. All of us are ready to spend some more time out here. I’m gonna be out here a lot, working on the place. I’ve got a bunch of ideas to just have fun out here.”

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