Rusk County Sheriffs Office releases first-year stats


A proud Rusk County Sheriff, John Wayne Valdez, recently released RCSO’s remarkable 2021 crime statistics, the reflection of a year of campaign commitments kept. 

“I made promises to the citizens of Rusk County when I took office,” said Valdez. “I think these numbers show that I meant what I said.”

Even while taking a brief moment to bask in the statistical glory of his effectively run office, Valdez knows this is only the beginning, and his 

“I told everybody at the Sheriff’s office, ‘You just set the bar,’” said Valdez, clearly impressed with his team of county crime fighters. “They have exceeded my expectations this past year. This is only going to get better.”

According to Valdez’s data, the Sheriff’s Office answered 19,724 calls for service. Of those calls, 5,872 were Deputy-generated calls or traffic stops. 

The total burglaries for the year showed a whopping 39% decrease, coming in at 120 counts.

RCSO reports also reflected 225 counts of theft for a 43% decrease. Thefts of automobiles, ATVs, and side-by-sides were 78, which is 5% higher, but the recovery rate was higher by 27%. 

“This rate would be better, but I don’t consider finding pieces of someone’s property a recovery,” said Valdez. “If I can’t return the victim’s property whole I just won’t count it.”

Calls referencing assault showed an 8% increase, with a total of 274. 

“I know everybody blames COVID for everything, but people have spent the past couple of years realizing they couldn’t spend every second with their loved ones,” he explained. “Sadly, it seems to have made some people mean.”

Rusk County Investigators processed 120 search warrants for the year, including those for narcotics, internet, and cell phone data. 

This agency had 778 total arrests for the year. A portion of this number was repeat offenders, probation violators, and bench warrants. 

Of this total, 197 were drug arrests, one of the key points Valdez promised to focus his and the department’s energy. 

Valdez took to the RCSO Facebook page to share a vital piece of information that only increases the impressiveness of the year’s statistics. “We want the people of Rusk County to know that these numbers are remarkable because only one month did we have full shifts. The rest of the year, we had 3 per shift due to injuries and COVID.”

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