When I got up the morning of Christmas Eve, I had my cup of coffee and scrolled through Twitter looking for interesting headlines. One that drew my attention was a California law that went into effect January 1. It legalizes universal mail-in ballots. I rolled my eyes as I remembered all the stories of mail in ballots going to wrong addresses and addressed to people that no longer lived there. How many of these ballots get filled out by a person that it was not intended?

Then I went back to enjoying my coffee when my husband asked me if I had seen the envelope we received in the mail the day before. I admit I had not, mostly we just get junk credit card offers so I do not pay much attention to the mail anymore. That is another rant for another time. My husband hands me a large envelope, a smaller Christmas envelope and a letter. I read the letter and it was from a woman near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. She ended up with our Christmas card from my mother-in-law. She just could not understand how a card mailed from south Texas to east Texas could end up in Pittsburgh. She was wonderful to take the time and money to send it back to us.

This brought my thoughts back to the California story about mail-in ballots and what a bad idea they are. I decided to look the law over and explore the election law that was passed in the House and Democrat Senators are considering getting rid of the filibuster to pass it in the Senate.

The California law makes mailing out a ballot to every registered voter permanent. The state legislator decided since, according to a poll, 51% of voters preferred remote voting, they would make it a statewide requirement for ballots to be mailed out every June and November. They are proud that voter turnout was higher than it had ever been overlooking that many precincts had more returned ballots than registered voters or the fact that many households received ballots for people that had not lived there in many years.

Several years ago, California made ballot harvesting legal and political activist were allowed to take stacks of blank ballots to nursing homes and fill them out for resident for them to sign and they have been a one-party state since so of course they don’t have a problem with unsecure ballots. 

What is more important than voters having more options to vote is the security of the ballots and the election. How is there security of the ballots when they are dropped off at an unsecure ballot box around a city that is especially high in crime. Voting should not be made so easy that an election is not secure.

The federal bill will give the DOJ jurisdiction over the states if they make any changes to their voting laws if the DOJ deems a state has violated voting rights in the past. Meaning the state must get approval from the DOJ before they can make changes to their voter laws.

There are requirements that give the DOJ this authority, but we are talking about a DOJ that has dropped charges against Antifa members that set fire to Portland and assaulted police officers, while they still hold January 6th protesters and rioters in jail. An agency that has been radically political in their actions should not oversee the whole country’s elections. 

Another point regarding the federal election bill, it is always a bad idea for the federal government to take over what is clearly stated in the constitution as a right and responsibility of the states. As for the California law, the people that are still there voted for this, so they must deal with the consequences and clean up their own mess.

There are many books documenting voter fraud being used to steal elections and these two laws play into the hands of those that will use them to steal elections. One such book is Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy and it was written by John H. Fund in 2004. He has also written several others about voter fraud since. Another book is Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections by Mollie Ziegler Hemingway that came out in October of 2021.

Other thoughts to share, first, on the day I decided to write this column there was a post in the Henderson Talk group on Facebook where someone posted a thank you to a business for sending them their mail. Again, another example of mail being delivered to the incorrect address. Second, JusttheNews.com ran a story about almost 12,000 foreigners registered to vote in Texas and third, a big thank you to Mary Ellen near Pittsburg for sending us our Christmas card.

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